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  1. So I have made a new purchase of what I believe is a M606/CJ3B I have no history of the vehicle or Jeeps - I have always been a Land Rover person. I know it is a bitsa with Land Rover lights and heater but not sure what else is genuine. I cannot see a chassis number and have attached pictures of the engine number. The data plate on the dash shows a 2006 date and a modern style VIN hence the Q plate Wondering if people can tell me what is genuine and what is wrong. It has not run for 10 years so a full service and new oils is first priority Thanks Colin
  2. That's alright - if you recall I let it slip in my Best Man's speech
  3. Hello everyone. Thanks for the add. Bit about me - historically been a Land Rover guy but being persuaded to look at something a bit bigger, possibly in the form of a recovery truck! Had my first drive in a 432 last weekend belonging to forum member Charlie Colin
  4. Hi - just joined this forum. Come from a Land Rover background and considering buying something 'heavier' Had my first tracked driving experience last weekend in Charlie's FV432 Colin
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