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  1. The vehicle with the 2 wheels sticking out the front is a Mercedes Benz LG65/3. It is a 6x6 truck according to the Bart.
  2. The Steyr, Mercedes and Phanomen Granit L1500A replaced the heavy uniform personnel vehicles, according to Reinhard Frank. These vevhicles held eight men, including the driver. Two vehicles transported a squad. As a general rule, 3 out of 4 panzergrenadier battalions in a Panzer division were motorised, only one was armoured. There were exceptions such as Panzer Lehr. I have a number of Panzer division histories, which sheds some light on the subject. 24th Panzer rebuilt early 1943,after destruction in Stalingrad, had 3 battalions equiped with Opel Allrad, and 1 armoured battalion. Also 4 Panzer had 1 battalion equipped with Steyrs and 2 with Opel 2x2 and 1 armoured. In 1941, 19 Panzer had all 4 battalions equipped with a variety of trucks. the division received Sdkfz 251 D's in 1944.
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