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  1. Looking for a good hercules rxc cylinder head or complete engine
  2. What's the correct oil for the cab tilt pump on an s26
  3. Interesting chassis underneath? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-Railway-Carriage-old-converted-accommodation/202047206384?hash=item2f0af3b3f0:g:f40AAOSwl75Zrpmt
  4. This morning south bound A1 near Northallerton scammell pioneer on a trailer behind a modern MOD MAN recovery
  5. Thanks for looking. l have found some Royal Engineer markings on the front wings
  6. Hi wally I have just received the key card for my pioneer 59RB00 it was sold off on the 31/12/62 at Ruddington just wondered if you had a copy of the sales catalogue
  7. Hi what you have in your hand is a building sheeting screw long enough to go through insulated panels
  8. C8 diff ratio is 6.57:1 The axle code is usually stamped on it on the n/s top
  9. I have a complete scrap ql engine which has been stood for a long time I can take the head off and see if it's any good
  10. Does anyone have a parts book for the s26 raf tractor units? Or with such low volume production would a parts book exist
  11. Mike changed the gauge today is now works correctly thanks for your help
  12. Swapped it over today gauge still goes straight to full so it must be a faulty gauge
  13. John the flasher is below the fuses in the center of the dash. The hazard switch is above your head next to the radio. The gauge for number one air tank on mine goes to full as soon as you turn on the switch formerly known as the ignition I have had a look at the pressure switches behind the glove box but which one does number one air tank?
  14. Just checked the propshafts on my dodge and theres play in the UJ's but it seems to be the cup which is moving not the actual joint. The clamp round the cup is tight. Is it normal for them to slide?
  15. On mine somebody had screwed the rear reflector on with a long self tapper which had gone into the back upright so it wouldn't come off
  16. The shows at unit 9 Waddington way, Aldwarke, Rotherham, S65 3SH. Simon there is plenty of room for your caravan
  17. John Try walkers of tuxford they have always been helpful.
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