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  1. Afternoon I'm looking at making some complete 30mm Aden rounds up, do you still have any? I have 5 shell heads to make up I'm in Wiltshire too in RWB Regards Mike
  2. I have 2 magazines, they are Hecklor Koch H&K Stanag 30 round capacity show little or no wear there are a couple of spent cartridges cases in the magazine. "A STANAG magazine or NATO magazine is a type of detachable firearm magazine proposed by NATO in October 1980. Shortly after NATO's acceptance of the 5.56×45mm NATO rifle cartridge, Draft Standardization Agreement (STANAG) 4179 was proposed in order to allow NATO members to easily share rifle ammunition and magazines down to the individual soldier level. The U.S. M16 rifle magazine was proposed for standardization. Many NATO members, but not all, subsequently developed or purchased rifles with the ability to accept this type of magazine. £35 each or £60 the pair postage UK only £6
  3. BRITISH ISSUE L1A1 7.62MM 20 SHOT MAGAZINE in good condition possible unused I've had this a number of years clearing stuff out. The magazine is stamped 9600017 with an arrow and E77 Priced £25 post mainland UK for £3.50
  4. As John said in his post I've heard there is a Horsa main spar at Lyneham don't know if it's still there
  5. Had this lying around in the garage for years £15 UK postage £3.50
  6. I'm after a Jeep 600x16 split rim and a bar grip tyre, knackered ones as I will be cutting both in half. Regards Mike
  7. Hi Danny I've got 3 of these I have been told they originate from British soft skin vehicles such as the Morris CDSW - Regards Mike
  8. I'm after a jeep radiator it will be for display purposes only, so doesn't need to be servicable
  9. Thank you for the replies gentlemen any good to anyone open to offers I don't have a carrier so no good to me Mike
  10. I've recently had a few jeep bits and pieces turn up and in amongst them was this. It looks like a visor to a tank or armoured vehicle can anyone identify it there are stampings on one one of the arms and plate A- 250330 and A-250299 thoughts...
  11. I've got 2 spare combat rims they need work holes oval you can use them as is if you put them on a trailer. Not rusty I can post pics if anyone interested £80 a rim I can box them up and courier them
  12. Hi there Chris is correct this can happen when they have been over tightened (the nut for the wheels is domed) or been run while loose.
  13. Hi Neil here are some photos couldn't do it in pm without posting to url they need work around the bolts holes they've ovaled I don't know if you know the welder and engineer Lloyd who lives near us and has a lot of experience with jeeps and MV's near us but he's had a look at them and can fix them. Selling £80 a rim. Neil.
  14. Hi Neil I've got 4 combats that need some work on no tyres but they do come with run flats and I'm in Wiltshire
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