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  1. A friend of mine had a RHD 'Trekmaster' pick up in his yard for a good few years, it had a wooden drop-side body and the cab was pretty flaky. I remember the steering column stalk switches as being from a Morris Marina or such! Pretty sure I've a sales brochure and handbook for one somewhere too.
  2. A fine looking vehicle, always had a soft spot for the RL too, I remember many years ago in the '70s a then local company, Laportes, who mined and processed fullers earth, had a bright yellow RL tanker, whether for fuel or water I don't know. I would often see it caked in mud and dust on the A25 just outside Redhill. Often wonder what happened to it, hope it survived...
  3. We are at War - The diaries of five ordinary people in extraordinary times. by Simon Garfield Excerpts of 5 different peoples diaries taken from the Mass-Observation archives, the book covers the period from just before the outbreak of of WW2 until October 1940.
  4. Agent Zigzag - Lover, Traiter, Hero, Spy. by Ben MacIntyre. The incredible and almost unbelievable but true story of wartime double agent, criminal and philanderer Eddie Chapman. Alan.
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