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  1. Wossat Ron about gay waynes cylinder head and black bits ?
  2. Ooer Ron, hope Janet doesn't notice. That'll be more expensive than decorating the bedroom...!πŸ˜‚
  3. Blimey Ron. Your mate Tony should be let in the workshop before any assembly work. Nice Mk1 eyeball work there !
  4. Ron, right hand wheel.....think you missed a bit😁😁.
  5. Evening Ladies & Gents. In common with one or two other folks, I don't tend to follow forums, this and Henk Joore's site being the exception. Background is 22 years in the RAF as a rigger, mostly on the BBMF followed by a civvy career on WW2 kites. ( Mostly Duxford.) Still living in Bomber County up the road from RAF Coningsby. Bought my "43 GPW in 1992, followed by a 1940 WM20 in 2016 and a very lucky aqcuistion in the firm of a 1941 Ariel W/Ng.( For which a huge " thank you" must go to Military Ron Pier. (Thanks for all yer help Ron.πŸ‘).Anyway, TTFN folks, Pete, ( or if you're ex Vintage
  6. How about the front end and mudguard of a David Brown tractor behind the caravan ? Just a thought. Pete.
  7. Hello folks,my name is Pete an ex RAF rigger serving most of my time at RAF Coningsby here in bomber county. My pride and joy is a 1943 Ford GPW 5cwt.I also help my old mate to look after his 1944 Bedford MW
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