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  1. Hi Mark... send me a PM with your contact details and what you need and will see if I can help. I’ve got a Feb ‘44 Schwimmwagen myself and am based in Essex.
  2. Luke, I've heard that you're ignoring emails and calls from customers in Norway who you've taken money from and haven't supplied the tents. Can you PM me or reply to this thread please as I've tried to call and the listed number is disconnected? The HMV world is a small one... Many thanks, Schwimmer
  3. I'm looking for transportation for an M8 Greyhound from West Midlands (WV13 1SD) to Essex CM3 and wondered if anyone could help please? Weight: 7680 kg Length: 16 ft 4.8 in (5.00 m) Width: 8 ft 3.6 in (2.53 m) Height: 7 ft 4.8 in (2.26 m) Please IM me as I'd like to transport in July 2014 ahead of Damyn's Hall in early August.
  4. I have collected the following insurance company names from this thread and wondered if there were others for WW2 HMV's; Footman James Cherished Vehicles NFU Haggerty Adrian Flux Schwimmer
  5. You would need to run it as an "entity" for liability purposes amongst others, and whilst a Charity is run "Not for Profit"... what that actually translates to is that it CAN make a profit, the Directors/Trustees cannot withdraw that profit as a Dividend payment like a Limited Company, and the staff can be paid for their time (which I know from personally knowing the Brew's is considerable) just like a Company. Personally, what I would like to see is that some of the profit used to make HMV purchases that can be worked-on by the members (and owned by the Charity), and the restoration prog
  6. Hi Paul, I have the following collection of WW2 Wehrmacht vehicles; 1944 VW 166 Schwimmwagen 1944 NSU HK 101 Kettenkrad 1943 Zündapp KS750 Motorcycle and Sidecar (unrestored) 1942 Stoewer Typ 40 Funkkraftwagen Kfz.2 (unrestored) 1940 "Live" 3.7cm Panzerabwehrkanone (PaK) 36 (held on a Section 1 FAC) I'm hoping to get to Daymns Hall this year with the Schwimmwagen and Kettenkrad. Best regards, Schwimmer
  7. Hello... I'm Schwimmer from Essex and have a few WW2 German military vehicles. I'm a member of the MVT (Essex Branch) and try to attend Damyns Hall when I can. I look forward to engaging conversations as well as having questions answered and answering questions in return. I have a tracked vehicle license and experience working on 432's, Spartan's and BV 206's from my 12 years as a Commando/EOD in the Royal Engineers if you're stuck, and I'm still in contact with ex-REME friends who can answer questions I can't. Look forward to catching-up with many of you at a show this year.
  8. If you're still looking or interested @Smiler, PM me with your email address and I will send you photos I've taken from a great book called Wehrmacht Heer Camouflage Colors, the book is out of print and hard to get hold of but does appear on eBay occasionally. The book lists the camouflage colours with an example along with the year/theater they were used in.
  9. The term the German's used was "Beute" (Prey) vehicles, as the German's didn't have many vehicles themselves, they would utilize captured vehicles and re-purpose them for Wehrmacht use. Ever wondered what happened to the vehicles that were left on the beaches of Dunkirk? The Germans had workshops for adding Notek convey lights and re-painting them Dunkelgrau post Dunkirk, nothing was left. Try to Google "Beute Panzer" or "Beute Panzerspahwagen" for generic photos, but there's great photos of Shermans, Greyhounds, Universal Carriers, all painted with a Balkenkreuz's on the side...
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