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  1. Hi all, I am currently rebuilding my 1919 Thornycroft J type, a civilian flat bed bodied example. I have been slowly gathering correct pattern components to get as authentic as I can, including a genuine Thomson Bennett magneto switch, which I managed to purchase from a Bentley spares website. Unfortunately, earlier this week I had a fire destroy my home, in which I kept the switch and some other lorry components, including its set of lamps, original log book (and it’s sister J types’ original log book), and a spare radiator top tank casting, unfortunately all beyond repair. I’m absolutely gut
  2. Hi all, I am in the process of rebuilding my AEC 7.7 Matador engine and No. 1 Piston has obtained some damage and so I require another piston, and rings. I was wondering if anyone has a Piston they do not require? Also, are new piston rings available for these engines as I would also require a full set? I also have a damaged valve, so again if anyone knows where I may find one that would be of great help! Regards, T.
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