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  1. A couple of tricks that I learnt with these hatches was to go outside and force them up by pulling with both hands to ensure they are locked open and when closing them do this from the outside using your foot if wearing safety boots. To this day I still have all of my fingers attached:)
  2. As I'm new to HMVF can any one tell me if the Amazon reg YPE that was in Kent been restored? I used to drive both LOO 584V and YPE from Chertsey, YPE came to us from Shoeburyness sometime around the late 1970s and LOO remained with us until passed to the REME museum around 2001. Both vehicles differed in certain respects and they both had different trailers, we disposed of them once we had the then new ERF and Andover trailer up and running which has itself now gone. Chertsey finally closed it's doors as an MoD site on 30th January 2004, I was the last one out and I made a point of turning the light out.
  3. Welcome to the forum Mats I am new to it myself and I'm sure that if you require help with your spelling you can get that here too! Brian
  4. That Antar caught fire on Red Road approaching Bagshot Test Track sometime in the 1980s, a hydraulic pipe burst onto the exhaust and up it went very quickly, the two crew one of whom was Digger Constantine just managed to jump clear before the cab was engulfed in flames hence it had to be re-built and put back into service, I drove it on rare occasions to Shoeburyness, Bovington, Thetford and Fort Halstead. Digger left us and moved to Cornwall taking over a Post Office then contracted cancer and sadly passed away, smashing chap well liked. I still know Bill Budd
  5. Thanks to all for the welcome, Wally the Antar you speak of is it the re-built one that caught fire?
  6. Thanks for the welcome, yes it was interesting and as any one who worked there especially in the Cold War years could tell you it was a very busy place with vehicles of one type or another being trialled sometimes all day and through the night, like any job it had it's good bits and the bad, as I spent a great deal of my time on tanks the weather could play a big part in either soaking you or freezing you or both, no heaters then you know. As for trucks actually to have a proper seat when driving was at times a luxury! In truck terms you could split those into 2 categories, those on trial and the everyday workhorses which carried tanks or equipment up and down the country (or abroad) and I shall explain more about those on another thread soon.
  7. Hi I have just joined the forum and my real name is Brian although I shall use Baldsparrow as my forum name as that best sums up my looks I reckon! I served in the Royal Tank Regiment during the 1970s and whilst with them was posted to MVEE Chertsey as a Military Test Driver and after my 2 years was up I then stayed as a civilian test driver. For those who don't know all vehicles that were to go into military service have to pass various test criteria to ensure that they are fit for the intended role and as a general rule this worked although there have been exceptions. MVEE was on the edge of Chobham Common in Surrey and the primary purpose was the design and development of armoured vehicles and associated equipment, running a close second was the truck element and other vehicles including motorbikes. If any one wants more info just ask and I'll tell what I can or actually know. Baldsparrow
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