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  1. A CVRT scorpion has been stolen form East Sussex please be on the look out Any info please get in contact No Photos yet reg Number 584YUJ it the one that was on Dave Kings pitch at War and Peace
  2. It was a pleasure to help Jordan achieve his goal, We had really the easy part of loading and unloading him from all the different vehicles. Again form the Arena Crew thanks to the Owners/Drivers for there help. more important Thank you you Jordan for his idea and for his efforts Whats Next???:-D:-D Arena Crew
  3. The Problem was due to the person connecting winch rope to the shock of the trailer:nono: :nono:and not the main chassis, Luckily no won hurt could have been a lot worse. the damage to the engine was minimal winch guide bent cable bent. :shocked::sweat:
  4. Good to see you up and about Dave, I think all in all great show like most people who put shows on know the sort of problems that can arise look forward to next year.
  5. We are looking for some vehicles for a job We after landrover 110 and 4ton dad or bedford preferably dessart if interested please email or call mvrtdel@hotmail.co.uk 07952854896
  6. I also received email to my personal account if i give email to people i don't know i use my work email would like to know who/how they got my details:nono:
  7. Its not a 109 its a 90 well a series with alot of different parts Daf is standard i know causei was there with the vehicles and yes Fox is for sale:-D
  8. I would say noing where you could do the test and noing the vehicle its a perfect set up. Get Andy to run through with you or i could.
  9. Hi Adrian good to see you on here at last
  10. I think some people forget that the Hop farm is a show ground and have things on all year round and not just for the W&P. It could be very possible that the hop farm are responsible for all toilets and other things that could and would be used for other events. It makes comment sense from a business point of view to use the same people for all events so to achieve a better price?
  11. Hi Neil I would like to say a very big thank you from all the arena team for allowing us to use your vehicle over the week :saluting::thanx:
  12. Forget Tea :coffee::beer::beer:BEER is a must will be there to stay from tomorrow would be good to see as many of you in the arena events come and say Hi
  13. Not wrong very strange. This is the second year the show as been cancelled, we were due to be sorting ou the arena!!!
  14. :stop: For all you men out there with partners being dragged from show to show the time for nagging is about to stop :nono::sweat::idea: At stall O20 at the War and Peace show there is the first Beauty and Hair Salon.:yay: Pamper and Style are offering a varied range of treatments which can be seen on http://http://www.warandpeaceshow.co.uk/News and go to latest news. :yay: :yay:Come and see Carli and Lianne at stall O20 :yay:
  15. Does anyone know if The support our troops the show has been canceled ?? Had a look on there website but still no word from the organizers?
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