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  1. Hotels and places to stay are the problem now. I tried to find a hotel, B&B in the general area and the closest I could find was 22 miles away from Carentan. John
  2. This thread may be charged and may even get closed pdq in common to a lot of such debates on ww2 forums as being considered inappropriate to the general aims of the forum. I cannot find a link to this piece but having said that we are all entitled to our views and opinions and at the end of the day a crime is still a crime, regardless of perpetrator or the reasons, moral and criminal law seeks to define that. His innocence or guilt has yet to be proven. Such events as OSG have taken place for centuries and continue to today throughout our 'civilised' societies. The (some may argue subjecti
  3. To be honest Ron I would have been 'helping' them put them into the van too. My uncle who was in the KRRC in Normandy told me some nasty stories about his experiences with the SS. I'm more into the Steve McQueen - Great Escape re enacting, especially as I'm his double ( I wish). Neither of my bikes is liveried up with any unit markings for that reason. Regards John
  4. Martin, Try posting the info on http://www.k98kforum.com/forum.php they have a sniper section where the scope experts may be able to answer your questions. Regards John
  5. Thanks guys, I can't wait to see all the allied bikes there, it should be a marvelous sight. I'll try and meet up with you all at some point (sans BMW) and I'll try to find an axis vehicle convoy to go with. Unaware as I am of the sensitivity of axis vehicles in France - do the French not encourage axis vehicles? Not wishing to take this thread from its original purpose so apologies to all. Regards, John
  6. Hi, Are any members planning to take their German vehicles to Normandy in 2014? I'm planning to take a couple of BMW R12's and would like to tag along or organise a meet? Regards John
  7. Hi Ron, No problem. Of course I could paint it green and put a star on it or blue and put roundels on it !!!:-D Regards, John
  8. Thanks, Its taken me a long while to get them to the state they are in. I'm hoping to get the tan ones engine rebuilt and back in by Jan/Feb 14 ( I bought it of a friend who I thought I could trust still live and learn) and the grey one registered in the new year. Parts are very expensive for them which is the biggest problem. I'm after a genuine sidecar for one.
  9. Many thanks, That would be great Ron. Of course I wouldn't put the terrific achievement at risk by doing that. There aren't many axis bike owners in the UK and some are a bit, well I'm sure you know what I mean. I'll keep an eye on the Forum and update you with progress on the R12's. I'm sure at least one will be road worthy by then. Regards John
  10. Hi all, I am planning to bring an R12 over for Normandy 2014 (if the engine is back together by then), but being a soft southerner would look for a hotel. I understand all the ferry bookings have been taken by now to Normandy so I'll drive down in a van ("What? It made it all the way to Russia but won't ride to Normandy? or It got to Normandy last time in '44 and look at the way the British treated it). John
  11. There is a great German BMW R12 website re number plates: http://histor.ws/bmwr12/eng/his-07c.php If not I'll measure mine for you. John
  12. Hello all, I have two money pits here in the UK (Surrey) that I am throwing money down in the hope that I'll ride one of them more than 100 yards one day. One R12 is registered but I'm in the process of collecting parts for a rebuild (wrong pistons, no oil filter, wrong rods, poor build by previous owner) thanks Anthony. The other R12 just needs registering with the DVLA and I'll be on the road when the weather picks up. Looking forward to meeting up. Regards John
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