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  1. I've one of them. Nice bike to ride around. Paul from Military-Can Am is fantastic to deal with, and so far supplied me with every part I needed for my Bombardier: http://www.militarycan-am.co.uk/ Greetings Eryk
  2. Intersting source, but I'm yet to see pre-1993 Polish SKOT painted in camouflage. Army manual you are quoting was used for very short while in late 1960s / early 1970s in 10th and 12th Armourded Divisions on selected vehicles of reconnaissance squadrons. Mostly BTR-40, BTR-153 and trucks and then it was abolished. Camouflage pattern was never really implemented in Polish People's Army until new Military Markings Act was introduced in 1993, but that's another story. Greetings Eryk
  3. Let's start: Most typical colour scheme for Polish People's Army. Possibly - most iconic in Poland: during Martial Law 1981-1983. Overall green. - Registration number on rear doors, and repeated small on front hatch - format: UXX 1234 - National emblem (white and red chequers) either around front hatch or on the turret - Tactical number on cover in front of exhaust or on turret - Tactical unit emblem - around front hatch/ or above right front light, rear to the left of the hatch - Road priority sign - front and rear black triangle on orange background. Markings in all configura
  4. SKOT was Czecholovak design and manufactured in Poland. I have some info on SKOT markings and use. Will post something tonight as soon as I get back home. There is a book by J. Magnuski 'Wozy Bojowe LWP 1943-1983' ('Polish People's Army Fighting Vehicles 1943-1983') that would have plenty of info on the subject, but unfortunately - I don't have it. Unit that I remeber from my childhood being equipped with SKOTs was 12 Pulk Zmechanizowany (12th Mechanised Infantry Regiment) stationed in Gorzow Wielkopolski between 1962 and 1995. This was part of 4 Pomorska Dywizja Zmechanizo
  5. Designation 'SKOT' would suggest ex-Polish. In Czechoslovak service they used designation 'OT'. Road priority triangle looks Polish as well. Thirdly: the plate 'WÓZ DOWÓCZO-SZTABOWY' is in Polish. Means: 'Combat Command Vehicle' Armoured infantry unit using SKOTs was based next to my home in Poland ages ago. Greetings Eryk
  6. Thanks, that makes sense. Time for me to go and learn some English. Greetings Eryk
  7. What about the indicators on the bonnet? They don't seem to be working. Nice restoration thread. Since I was a kid - I always wanted UAZ and MZ motorcycle. Ended up owning Series 2 Landy and Can-Am bike. Greetings Eryk
  8. Thanks for the hint. I contacted them - got a phone number to the archivist. Will try tomorrow if I get some spare moment at work. Thank you all for the invaluable information. Should anyone have the relevant paperwork and wouldn't mind to part with it - I'm more than happy to grab it. Greetings Eryk
  9. I'm not looking for vehicle history. Just a blank 'vehicle record book' so I can log my own usage and repairs, but in a book that fits the vehicle rather than just a blank notepad. I don't even know if such a book exists, but knowing MOD's deep love with various forms - there must be such a thing. Greetings Eryk
  10. I think 'work ticket' would be more like a once-off docket? I'm more after a booklet type thing that would be attached to vehicle, where all trips and jobs would be recorded. I'm not even sure if such a thing exist. It came to my mind yesterday when I was recording daily mileage on the Civil Defence ambulance, that it would be handy to have something like that in my Landy. Greetings Eryk
  11. I have a question, that I believe - this might be the right place to find the answer since lot of you have been in the Service. Was there an official 'record book' or a 'service book' attached to a vehicle in the 1980s? Would someone have a scan or a copy of such an item? I would like to keep a mileage/service record on my Series 2A Ambulance, but if possible in the way that would be somehow similar to original. Greetings Eryk
  12. You have to keep in mind that during WW2 there were two different Polish armies. One was Polish Forces in the West (fought alongside Western Allies since 1939) and Polish 1st and 2nd Army in the East formed in 1943/44 in USSR. This army formed Polish People's Army and had used plenty of lend-lease equipment together with Russian gear, and this was the army that together after 1945 stayed in Poland as official Polish Army. Polish Forces in the West were officially disbanded in 1947 in UK. The Chevrolet in question originated probably as Lend-Lease gear that stayed with People's Army. Might
  13. Check out these guys for the reference photos. Mins you - it's 23 PFA, so it's 80s stuff. They mention attached RCT and REME as drivers. http://www.spanglefish.com/23PARACHUTEFIELDAMBULANCE/index.asp Greetings Eryk
  14. Welcome from fellow Series 2A Ambulance owner. Mine is 1968 dated. GReetings Eryk
  15. They're current Dutch static line parachute wings. Colour and subdued version. Greetings Eryk
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