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  1. Once again thanks for the welcomes. I tend to forget that so many servicemen have served here over the years,you get used to people saying "where?". And just to prove it's a small world I have to say to Ivor that the Manx museum,and particularly the Morris,is a great little place.Stumbled across it a couple of years ago while enroute to the Billown circuit.A very enjoyable couple of hours indeed.
  2. thanks for the welcome all,and arcot1751,I bet you don't miss the wind :laugh:.The range is still up here of course but like many things these days a lot of it is privatised.
  3. Hello all,my name is Graham and,having just got re-connected to the interweb,am renewing my interest in miltary vehicles. I was brought up in an army family and as a boy I fell in love with Bedford RLs(sad I know) so I'm sort of looking into the feasibility of becoming a proud owner one day. I've owned civilian series Landys before but always hankered after something a bit bigger/better/even worse on fuel:-(. Anyway,I hope you won't mind me lurking around the truck sections hoovering up info and one day my insane dream may come true.
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