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  1. Just out of interest, is everyone still doing this event given the confusion over the paperwork, management and deposits? I'm still keen but deciding as my passengers have cancelled due to the goings on?
  2. Can anyone point me in then direction of where to buy an exhaust valve for my Morris C8, one of mine snapped yesterday on my way home from wartime in the vale, luckily only 2 miles from home but still a major setback.. Any leads would be much appreciated..
  3. Yes I think a poll and pairing people up is a great idea as I am sure there are other vehicle owners/drivers looking for a cost effective way of getting to the departure ports. I was surprised this issue hadn't already been raised ( unless I hadn't see it elsewhere). will pm on you regarding your route.
  4. I am planning to be part of the XXX corps run in Sept, intending to take my Morris C8, but rest of the group have pulled out for financial reasons, I need to get my truck from Worcester to either dover or Harwich, then home at the end of the event, is anyone else doing the same trip with room on a loader or any sensible suggestions, I've looked into beavertail hire but they seem to be few and far between now?
  5. ok thanks Richard, I have the ex radio truck, so not sure but will take a plug with me when buying tester..
  6. Hi Paul, thanks, yes its been stood for over 2 years, although I have run the engine from time to time once I rebuilt it, guess it was stood idle for about 6 months before it ran again? The banging is actually the "popping " you refer to, comes through the air filter and almost lifts the lid! I do get the occasional bang from the exhaust, but rarely. I am actually now wondering if I have messed the leads up? I did put my old plugs back in as it wouldn't start with the new ones I bought, and I do swap the old and new elecs about to see if there is any improvement but nothing dramatic. I have been reading on here about unleaded fuel causing valves to stick? If it sounded rough on tickover or in 2nd gear etc I could understand but its when driving and in 4th / 5th gear, it even died twice on Saturdays road test. maybe fuel starvation??
  7. Hi, no I didn't check this, must admit I didn't know it could happen? I don't have a compression gauge but will happily buy one to test this, but I presume I need one with the same thread size as the plugs?
  8. As far as I am aware but will double check, you mean correct firing order?
  9. Not sure what caused the valve failure, I was travelling to an event a couple of years ago and one just broke? Ok I will look at everything from scratch again which is mildly irritating as I have double checked everything but I guess I need to do so thoroughly... I had hoped the loss of power and backfiring at higher speeds and under pressure would have been a clear sign of something recognisable... WISHFULL thinking I guess.. Thanks.
  10. After replacing a damaged valve in my Morris C8, i'm having trouble with it running? I am guessing its more to do with the timing than anything else as I obviously had the distributor off etc.. I have gapped the new valve, and checked the others, although it ran like a dream prior to the one breaking.. I marked the distributor up prior to removal , and have refitted it back to the same place, the Morris starts up like a dream, first turn etc, it ticks over nicely, and revs really well, the problem I am finding is when I road test it... as soon as get up the gears into 4th and 5th it starts to pop through the air filter and I just cant get any speed, 20mph max, I have rotated the distributor either way and tried it, but this doesn't seem to make any difference? Turning it more one way increases the idling speed but creates more bangs back through the air filter, turning it the other way reduces the back firing but I have less power when driving? I have had new points, condenser, dist cap etc.. As I say it ran superb before the valve issue so I cant see anything other than timing? Any suggestions would be really appreciated!
  11. OK thanks guys, excellent advice! Just need to read up where the bushes are and what needs to come off to replace them, bearing in mind the engine is still in place!
  12. Hi, no I haven't checked that at all? But if that was at fault would tapping the starter free it? The ring gear does show signs of wear but I'm not sure how much wear is acceptable? My next plan was to replace this.
  13. However, I do have a question... I have had the starter motor tested, new brushes and a general overhaul, I have bench tested it myself and it spins perfectly, bendix pops in and out great! Everything fine. New leads, battery, I have voltage tested the starter when its refitted, all fine, battery voltage fine...But then when it turns engine over a few times it sticks? if I tap the starter it generally free's itself then turns over again? It seems that after a few cranks if the engine doesn't start then the starter sticks and I just get clicks or a jammed sound where I can see the fly wheel trying to turn? Any idea's anyone?
  14. I found this clip on you tube really helpful...
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