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  1. Looks to me like a rations carrier, also available in a single version. Late war I believe.
  2. Will you be bringing the Motorcycle down as it would be a welcome addition?
  3. Myself and Ax40 had a meeting with Portsmouth City Council today and we shall hopefully be in a position to reveal more about the weeks events early March however in the mean time please pay a visit to the following website courtesy of Ax40 http://www.ddaysouthsea.solentoverlord.co.uk/ And Visit Portsmouth http://www.visitportsmouth.co.uk/whats-on/searchresults?sr=1&name=d-day+70&stay=2014-01-03&end=2014-02-03
  4. Pea Green from Soldier of Fortune, one bottle should do full kit including Large pack.
  5. Thanks Barry, I am up there (Southwick House) end of April, ill see if I can help them out. Can you please let your clients know of the show. Cheers
  6. Received this request on another forum that I am on. Please let me know if you are interested and I will link you up..... Hello Paul, I am a member of the group from europe who are arranging the Daks over Normandy event, They are coming in on the 3rd june at the Portsmouth docks and need WW2 type transport from the ferry docks to Lee on solent airfield to join up with the C47`s. There is approx 100 troopers to jump and so need as many vehicles as possible, They will have kit as well. This would be a fantastic chance to join them with your display for a while. Great pictures and publicity as they have film crews along with them. There are details posted on facebook and various media sites with more being done all the time. Last year they did this with one Dakota and dropped over utah beach to join in a special ceremony of which i witnessed. Absolutly fantastic as they jumped out at sea and landed just behind the beaches and with the sun going down, This being the 70th it might be the last big show due to the veterans passing and so its very important to make it as grand as possible. I am a member of the Screaming Eagles living history group here in the south (Farnham) and take part in events all over the south and in europe. If you are able in any way to get support and get owners to commit to helping on the 3rd to collect from the docks,go to your display and then take them on to the airfield it would be amazing, The convoy through portsmouth would bring back memories and attract attention. The times are to be finalised nearer the date but please give this any support you can, Thanks. I will be attending to meet the jumpers with my jeep and i am talking to others to get support and commitment, The big problem is a lot of the groups i know are off to Normandy that day and are not able to help. Thanks, My name is Simon Jebb (aka Jeddi) The group for the parachutist`s is the ROUND CANOPY JUMP TEAM. I would be happy to give you my tele number if you want.
  7. STOP PRESS: Further to my last it looks like we have the Parachutist/Air Crew who will be leaving in their Dakotas from just up the road in Gosport for the drop in France visiting the Museum on the same day. From the Organisers of Daks over Normandy: “Something I am personally keen on is to use the event to highlight locally the huge efforts that went on in this area for the embarkation - and that the parachutists and aircrews have some exposure to that through a visit to the D-Day museum (morning of the 3rd June)” Wartime Airborne related vehicles/Para bikes... anyone?
  8. Sorry to clarify, http://www.welcometoportsmouth.co.uk/southsea%20common%20portsmouth.html Not sure of the post code but up the road to the left from the D-Day Museum in the picture attached.
  9. Currently in the planning stage however, can I gauge the level of interest please, looking for traders as well. Website is also currently being developed...... Thank you Paul
  10. Thanks, Ill wave as you are passing by on "t ferry" thats if your leaving from Pompey? Paul
  11. On the 3 June 14, we have some big tour groups from the US National D-Day Museum booked in at around 10am and around 2.30pm. They have asked if we can put anything extra on for them, I shall be there with my Beach Group Royal Engineers display. Are there any period vehicle owners - reenactors who would like to come down for the day to display alongside me. A free lunch voucher will be issued. Thank you Paul
  12. I think Chelmsford militaria had one at Malvern, dont know how much. https://www.chelmsfordmilitaria.com/index.php?ix=121&iw=251&iz=0
  13. Well done very nice job, may I ask where you got these from? Regards Paul
  14. If your after WW2 stuff try http://www.wwiireenacting.co.uk/forum/index.php and ask for any demolition PDFS. You will most likely have to make the stuff, mainly out of wooden blocks etc Also try http://users.skynet.be/jeeper/page105.html
  15. What exactly would you like to know? There are pictures of ATS Mechanics wearing them if I remember correctly. Cheers
  16. Third item down the page..... http://www.armyradio.co.uk/arsc/customer/home.php?cat=86 http://www.prc68.com/I/BC611.shtml
  17. If you are going to Detling this coming weekend look out for Dennis Smith http://www.milweb.net/dealers/trader/standuphookup/ He sells the Denix replicas and sometimes at knockdown prices. I dont wish to teach you to suck eggs however, dont forget if you are portraying WW2 American forces ensure you buy a carbine WITHOUT the bayonet lug on. My advice would be if your going to spend £150.00 on a Denix save up for a new spec deactivated carbine
  18. The only thing the poles go through is three socks on each end of the tent. If you look at the end (door) panels you should see three socks with ties. One at the very apex and one either side to form the roof .....make sense? Dont think the frame picture is a proper 12 x 12 frame but you get my drift?
  19. That is defo Royal Navy, as I had one myself. Paul
  20. This may sound a random question however for those of you that have ever visited the D-Day museum in Southsea I am interested in your feedback. 1. How would you improve on the visitor experience? 2. Is there anything in particular you would like to see a display of that is not already displayed? 3. Interactive displays (press button type thingies)? 4. Simulator i.e. beach landing/glider landing leading into a walk through (smells and noises) diorama type of thing? I look forwards to your thoughts Cheers Paul
  21. The last ever Type 42 in Royal Naval service returned to Portsmouth today flying the paying off pennant. HMS Defender one of the newest Type 45's escorted her in, Edinburgh fired her saluting gun as she entered the harbour and a Sea Fury flew over head.......
  22. Now thats nice. I see from the other thread it mentions a conversion kit to calor gas? easy to get hold of and install?? Cheers Paul
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