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  1. Hello here again. A few days ago I dedicated myself to the windshield of my jeep and in the left vertical frame I found these three screws, two cut and the one in the center complete and screwed to the frame, I also noticed atypical wear in the curve of the frame. These are the pictures. From what I could see on this site,http://ds212j-hs.synology.me/mb158963/en/british details.html the British jeeps also used a snorkel for landing. This photo is enlarged to see the snorkel attachment that apparently matches my frame. Is there more documentation about this? x7.bmp x8.bmp x9.bmp x9a.bmp
  2. I stop here because I decided to change this jeep on a Kaiser M606 A2, modified version of the CJ5 for American military use. I understand that this is the military jeep that was manufactured in Netherlans too. Some more pics, the real M606 A2 and my restored sand-colored jeep, all complete thread with a video from IKA factory during the sixties here: http://foro.aacvm.com.ar/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=167&start=135 Thanks for your reply Enigma. Regards.
  3. More pics, trailer (unknown origin) and engine restoration.
  4. IKA means: Industrias Kaiser Argentina which was established in 1956 here, apparently identical to a CJ5 but with differences: frame, steering box ,6 volts,and engine. On this I think perhaps this engine was also designed to CJ3B / M 606, due to its high hood maybe to the CJ4 ,. .. reliably as much as the F-134 which what was select for all jeeps. Data plates, restoration and engine pics :
  5. The most important thing to note is the engine, a version of Willys USA which originates in the 6-226 16 L Head Motor denominated Toledo-planned 4-cylinder overhead-cam, here was called : Ika Continental 4L 151. Characteristics: Cycle: 4 stroke, lateral camshaft, lateral valves. Location: Front Longitudinal. Displacement (cm3): 2,480. Number of Cylinders: 4. Bore x Stroke (mm): 84.1 x 111.1. Compression ratio: 6.86: 1. Power (hp): 77. Speed (rpm): 3600. Torque (Nm) 11.6. Speed (rpm): 2,000.
  6. Hello Toner this jeep was disassembled completely and done again I have all the secuence.Some more pics about the trip and a gaucho that was on the dirt road with another IKA jeep pickup, both GPW / MB we use on the trip and last pics are from my Canadian Ford truck when started to lift the body.
  7. Hello friends these kind of jeeps were produced during the fifties in Argentina under Willys license, basically it’s a CJ5 but the engine is not an hurricane so it is very interesting because this engine by Willys design was only produced in this country,they were for the civilian and military use. My father buy it new and also the trailer in 1958 to do farm jobs so I decided to make a restoration because the jeep was broke. With two friends we went to the farm during 2009 when we arrived and take a look to the jeep, then we say: It looks like a Barn Find!! Then we come towing the IKA jeep with my GPW 43 in second gear all the trip and the trailer with a MB 44 ,240 km on dirt roads to my home the trip took us 2 days and the average was 18 km per hour ..
  8. I share with you this, and to not open a new post since I am a guest in this forum and certainly is related to the camo jeep. Here in Argentina we have 4 jeeps with gussets serial numbers and diferents bodys because hat channels are short than the others ones,they are not unders the foot steps like pics from medical / airborne/naval camo jeep,all have gusset numbers these are : 126451 37479 177820 90753. All are in my opinion precomposite MB / GPW late 43 numbers are different from 44-45 ACM2 and nobody knows what those numbers are. These features in short channels hat surely helped that they were quickly modified so it was easy to take them down and anchor the jeep into Horsa Gliders. It is my impression that these jeeps were manufactured especially for the D Day with these bodies and with those identification numbers for the destination, recognizable with a number code on the bumper. To not occupy space upload a pic that brings together all of these jeeps gussets, and a link on subject. http://foro.aacvm.com.ar/viewtopic.php?f=56&t=6318 Regards Diego
  9. Hello RAFMT please take a look on the subject of this camo jeep which could be another interesting point of view of course in tune with G.503 but with a different result on the jeep and not so much about the place. The other post is about pictures taken by three members of AACVM on D Day celebrations this year. http://foro.aacvm.com.ar/viewtopic.php?f=56&t=6232 http://foro.aacvm.com.ar/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=6224&start=60 Regards
  10. Ok, I have in my jeep this body type like the British Airborne jeep style,hat channels were cut before the side step from production to carry inside the Horsa this jeep also has no star painted which is not important. It's hard to see but I think it does not have side steps. Here is the full picture in the same place, England section . http://www.ww2jeep.gportal.hu/gindex.php?gid=2135623&pg=4236629 Regards.
  11. Thanks Ted, I hope, found a pic of a camouflaged jeep in a version like colors from my jeep before restoring it a strange mixture in bands, ¿Which was this unit, maybe this would correspond to 83 TAF? source ww2jeep.gportal.hu
  12. Send our link and jeeps mysterious post in which I have written extensively looking for the source of my jeep, a friend has promised me some files about the import of military vehicles from UK / Belgium / Argentina his father took the case so gladly I will share with you when I get it. http://foro.aacvm.com.ar/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=3547&sid=cfc846156e98259dab02ee088b03f6ae Regards
  13. Very interesting what you say, thank you sir! Regards.
  14. hi all maybe this photo of the original Jeep grille which changed to another because it was in poor condition shows a mark of blue and red over I found something similar on a David Brown tractor anyone knows about this? http://www.battlegroupnorth.co.uk/2013/airfield_mv/airfield1.htm
  15. Mariano knows the numbers…3 8 2 4 5 to continue this puzzle I propose three odds if you allow me : 1) stamp in factory. 2) In the UK. 3) In Argentina. starting with the last one first two numbers 3 and 8 are together and aligned ,below 245 aligned and grouped as well, this was the way used in factory ,here someone could stamp a frame number in that place so neatly with thefender in place? Here in Argentina in fact the numbers are stamped on the frame in another place and not aligned. So there are more chances that was a British Army jeep on the first hand directly from a depot or a USN jeep ? The arrival to Argentina was in group with other jeeps from UK after end of war so in this case has no rebuilt data plate and here is the knot because doesnt exist files before 1949 based on my reading on the subject . 38 245 was an English stamping number for the auction? In that case what was the purpose and why delete only a part of the original number leaving the last 3 and two stars on sides. only 5.000 reconditioned Ford jeeps were produced,if we think that they make 270.000 and that there are no files so this is an extremely difficult task. http://www.network54.com/Forum/433829/thread/1356133544/last-1357131564/Some+interesting+Austin+K5+info+and+a+question There is in g.503 another thread with a frame that is different in format but with similarities http://g503.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=178888 Also this subject is in G.503 if any of you are interested http://g503.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=95&t=165168
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