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  1. Hi there sounds a fun event - can you put me in touch with the organisers - no contact number or email on the website yet? The Yorkshire based Echo 4 2 Big Band play at many of the UK's 1940 events (we appear as a 1940's RAF swing band) with up to three great vocalists. http://www.echo42.co.uk We'd love to be involved cheers Paul We even have our own 1941 wartime truck to arrive on site and be our backdrop - suitable RAF'ed up
  2. Hello - stumbled across this thread and wonder if anyone can help? RAF Elvington & Linton on Ouse (plus others in Yorkshire) apparently used a variety of trucks as the war went on. The RCAF Sqdn's by all accounts used some GMC jimmy's in 1944/45 for general transport duties. I know that Elvington was in 4 Group and was the 2nd group airfield - so marked as B 4/2 of their vehicles. Do you have any information of use of GMC's by the RAF?
  3. Thanks for the post - great article I plan to be there with my truck too!
  4. sorry for delay as just working out how these threads work but thanks...
  5. Very impressive - the cab restoration interests me, as my hard cab needs a decent workout to make it look better Door seals where did you get yours from? the cab wind screen hasn't been opened for some time any tips?
  6. Hello to all Recently joined and thought that I had made an introduction post but guess notQ I'm up in Harrogate, North Yorkshire and am the new owner of a 1941 GMC 353 Truck (Hard cab) She's in decent order and will look even better after a proper clean up and new paint job so she's ready for next years series of anniversary trips. She will be used during the season to help move around a 40's Big Band (the Echo 42 Big Band) http://www.echo42.co.uk - all RAF'ed up when they are on a 1940's event. If anyone has any information as to wether Jimmy's were used by the RAF on loan that would be great Cheers Paul
  7. Hello all - I'm a new owner of a 1941 GMC Jimmy truck and keen to learn... Looks like this group is a real knowledge base and look forward to interacting with all. I'm a trombone player in a 18 Pice Big Band - ECHO 42 and we play for a lot of 1940's themed weekends and events all over the UK. When we are on a 40's gig - we become a RAF Wing Command Band of the period dressed and sounding as such. So this new truck will be come part of our 40's show dressing if an outdoor event. SO Does anyone have any information on GMC truck being used on loan to the RCAF or RAF in wartime england? any help or pointers would be most welcome. cheers Paul
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