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  1. how much where the XZL's from vass?? good price?? and are Vass easy to deal with!!
  2. I aggree i would like to know what they want for it!! - could never have one but i can dream!!!:-D
  3. Wow = thanks, i will advertise it now in e-bay like the 12x12 and 18x24 tents i have on there allready!!. how is the 9x9 you got? any pic's of it againt your wolf??
  4. Yes i tried the part number in to google and that did not come up with any thing either!!, It is about the right lengh for a series three / 110 but apart from that i do not have a clue!!:???:confused:
  5. hello brought this - i was told that it was for a series 3 land rover - but it appears not now that i have opened it out :-\. So what will it fit - all the details i have are below in the attached photos. thanks all!
  6. Ok more om it today! as the new spark plug turned up - fitted it but still no spark!! I took off the ignition unit compleat with the points and HT lead on it. it looks like some one has done some modifications! soldering new/replacement wires on! I am wondering if the HT lead needs replacing but i cant see hpw to remove it? it looks like the base plate and the HT lead is all one unit?? can any one comfirm this? Any one give me any more ideas as to what to look for next??? or where to get parts from??? pictures attached of the Modifications!!
  7. hello all Got the chance to have a look at it again today - bloody chrismas shopping getting inthe way! this is what i found, i have cleaned out the points and roughed up/cleaned up the flywheel but still no spark!! what else should i be looking for/checking?
  8. hello blimy less than 24hours and i have some answers!!, from the EMER you have posted it appears not to have electronic ignition. I will have a look this afternoon and report back! thanks everyone!!
  9. Hello all I have got a one of the above gennys - i swaped it a few years ago for something at a show with a mate he said it was a worker and i dont dought him. But I can't get it started!! i have taken out the spark plug and cleaned it up, i have got fuel and when i pull the starting cord with the spark plug out i can smell petrol coming from the spark plug hole if you know what i mean, so i am farly sure that it if not a fuel problem (but i might be wrong). But i cant get a spark! i took the side of and replaced some of the wires going to the starter switch but still no spark!. befo
  10. I am trying to get a set of military number plates made up for my army land rover to put on it when I go to shows. It appears that the DVLA have changed the rules for the manufacture of show plates. Dose any one know the rules relating to this and if I can indeed get a set made now and if I can get a set now made does any one know where I can get a set made up??
  11. That was my thought to be honist bedford, but i might be supprised!! thanks for the replys
  12. Help Brought these at beltring and i have not got any idea what they fit!! I brought them for a mate after describing them over the phone and we thougth that they fitted a 101 - alas not the 101 shock bushes are big but not this big!!. the dims are inside 25.50mm the outside is 48.00mm the one in the box is marked in its wrapper "LV6/MT1 LU/9056/34 BUSH FERRULE RUBBER QTY 4" I am thinking bedford but i might be wrong!! they cost us two pounds per packet and i would rather see them used as they are still supple and all that!! PS If i have done it correctly you should see a p
  13. Hee Hee, I wear it if you can get me a teat to suck!!!
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