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  1. A very reluctant sale due to ill health, my 1942 Ford GPW. First registered in the UK on 5/4/1947, GPW 45633 has been restored to a high standard over a 3-year period, this vehicle is an eye turner and has done just 6 miles since being restored. As can be seen in the images, it comes complete with it’s original brass identification plates. It is finished in WWII British Military colour and is marked as a 10 Para headquarters jeep. Completely dismantled and rebuilt, no expense has been spared. It has a sympathetic 12 volt conversion, all new canvas, gearbox and transfer case have both been comp
  2. My comments added to the petition. I own vintage WWII vehicles that I have spent years restoring and in order that they appear as they would have, I have fitted them with the relevant deactivated armament. I subsequently own a number of such deactivated WWII weapons and they are of great historical value. These deactivated weapons are harmless and cannot fire munitions of any kind. I have an extensive military background and I am subsequently well aware of the care I have to take when both procuring and owning such items. I purchased the deactivated WWII weapons I own legally and subs
  3. I want to put anti-freeze in the cooling system of my newly restored GPW, now while I may sound a bit dense here, which one do I use? Went down to my local halfords to grab some at the weekend and was confronted by numerous different types - silicon based, 'OAT' based and an Evans water free mix. The bloke in Halfords had no idea which one I should use, but did say that nowadays, using the wrong one could cause damage to the engine. Any advice welcome.
  4. I want to fit 2 Browning .30 cals to a White M3A1 Scout Car. To do so I need the 2 trolley's that run around the skate rail and the 2 cradle mounts. I've managed to locate original items but the cost of them is just ridiculous - it would cost me £4,000 for the trolley's and the cradles and that's well above my budget and to be honest, kinda ridiculous. As an alternative I have found a small local and very good engineering company who will make these for me if I can supply detailed drawings of the trolley's and of the pintle mount/cradle for the .30's. The engineering firm concerned is exc
  5. Hi I've posted a couple of times but completely forgot that I needed to introduce myself. Well, I'm Paul from Somerset and I'm have a the disease that many of us suffer from - I'm drawn to WWII vehicles and restorations. For the last year I have been restoring a 1942 Ford GPW. It's almost complete and I am now looking for a White M3A1 Scout car.
  6. Hi Could anyone post an image of where the filterette on a GPW is mounted? I know that it is under the dash somewhere. I am just about to fit one to my current GPW restoration but want to ensure that i get it in the correct place. Many thanks Paul Big Dog G-Private First Class Posts: 14Joined: Sat Sep 07, 2013 2:43 pm
  7. Hi I have a bren gun that I want to mount on either the rear or side panel of my Ford GPW. The only issue is that I have been unable to find a mount for it. Does anyone know where I might be able to get a bren gun panel mount? Cheers.
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