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  1. I saw this on at traction engine site. They knew it was a Fiat as Fiat is cast into the rear spring shackles .Lots of interest in it as a trailer but I managed to convince them that I really needed it. The only other parts that I know of are in Australia or at the bottom of Lake Garda. See youtube.
  2. At last, some parts for my fiat have turned up. I have been searching all over Europe and this has been found near framlingham ,Suffolk.
  3. Hello Dale Are you still trying to restore a fiat 18bl Regards John
  4. Fiat 20. Nicky Armstrong in Italy has one. Weighs 10 tons, 11 litre engine . Can tow up to 40 tons.
  5. The bearing housings for the gear shafts are very loose. I had intended shimming them but the holes are oval by up to !.5 mm. For the input shaft I am going to try to make a bolt in fixture using my miller boring head and some plumber block bearings to bore out two or three of the seats but I can't get to the seat (140 dia) for the output shaft to the crown wheel driving pinion . This has the worst ovality .Is there such a thing as corrugated shim? I am sure that I have seen it on a tractor forum. Designed for such a problem and using lots of loctite? Or was I just imagining it?
  6. The inside of the diff. The oil has dried out a bit. This is the diff lock which is operated by a lever on the outboard end of the RH drive shaft where it is bolted to the chassis . The dog clutch is destoyed and the splined sliding section has been hammered into the hlf shaft to stop it moving.Proper engineering! I don't need the diff lock but i might have a go .
  7. Crack and bulge in side of the gear case. Probably caused by changing into reverse whil'st still going forward.The reverse gear shaft is not aligned with the input shaft. I ground the crack out and then bolted a thick steel plate over the bulge . Lots of heat then tightened the bolts . Worked a treat. Silver soldered crack as too contaminated for tig braze.and gas braze would anneal the whole casting too much.. Re-aligned the reverse shaft mount with a big G clamp. Next I made a thick brass plate to cover everything and soft soldered and screwed it in place. I know it does not look original
  8. Next. I spent 35 hours grinding ,chiseling and even burning the old tyres from the wheels. Now the wheels are in Cornwall having new poly tyres moulded on. About a thousand for two singles and two doubles . I can't afford real rubber but have been assured that these will work fine. I machined out the middle of the oil pump and a new centre is being made. Rear brake shoes fabricated and lined .I made new brake cams and followers. Diff dismantled. Horrible!! Planetry gears have large eroded/ corroded pits. Will tig them with som S321 rod and refinish them by hand. Just had call from Bo
  9. At last I have some time to catch up with whats happening with the Fiat First . Headlamps bought in Boulogne . thanks to the person that pointed these out on Le bon coin. Stuff seams to be a bit cheaper in france. When I went over in November their recession seemed to be really biting or is the Pas De Calaise always that dreary in winter?. Does anyone have any lamp brackets to suit. The hole spacing is 101/2 "
  10. It is a shame that Fiat persisted with chain drive on the 18bl. It is causing my biggest headache. The wheels are off to Cornwall for tyres .Jobel Engineering reckon that their glue will hold the polyurethane tyres in place without a side rail . It will make the moulding and finishing simpler as well. The bands with the dovetailed and grooved surface are staying on the wheels
  11. Do you have a list of the parts that you are looking for. I might end up with a spare rad on monday. I would have to keep the best one for myself and sell the spare. I can send you drawings of the bits I have made.Hood ,chain cases, brake parts etc
  12. How is your restoration going?
  13. I need some advice as to what colour I should paint my Fiat. It will probably be marked up as a RFC vehicle. At the moment some of it is painted a sort of IRR bronze green matt. This does not look right and the matt is already looking scruffy. I need something that will last and can be kept clean. I like the colour of the Thornycroft restoration. What did you use. I need to apply the paint by roller and brush because the truck is kept in an aircraft hangar.
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