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  1. The seller of the RAF parkas from the posted link has some nice items listed on eBay. Maybe it's the IWM getting rid of the uniforms that they cannot afford to display now!
  2. Wow the grey one listed now is going for £720 With 3 days to go!
  3. Nice eh? I sold the one that went for £669 and I did a deal with the pants included too. Not sure about Hoxton or whatever mine sold to a Japanese collector. As you can imagine I made quite a tidy profit. I have had it for a while and I have got rid of all my RAF gear now. (Wish I did have a bundle of them)! I have noticed a few have gone on eBay since ; ) You should get yourselves down to the vintage showroom on Earlham Street Covent Garden they have a grey one on sale for £1300! Merry Xmas.
  4. Keep up the good work Rob. Maybe one day someone will project a hologram version of your good self pointing to pictures of things and giving talks in a PC all inclusive way (they will convince you to do this against your better interest) aimed at people who are not really interested in the subject to grab their attention. You might get lottery funding too, on the condition that you get a famous architect to build a concrete and metal shed for you. You will obviously have to spend your life savings on a PR and marketing sales team with no knowledge of your subject to make it seem cool. All
  5. Nice piece of non issue kit. An ex marine Falklands vet told me he wore a Barbour under his DPM smock down south.
  6. I visited the IWM yesterday.... With the new refit they seem to have lost all of the military uniforms and most of the atmosphere. Am I alone in feeling that if I wanted to look at films/reproduced photographs/graphic displays I could read books and watch films. Etc. There used to be a lot to look at and it was quite menacing and atmospheric in places. I suggest that they change the name to the global conflict learning centre. I did go into the WW1 gallery and there were a few uniform displays, some were presented backwards, yes good to see kit at angles but I had to laugh, hardly the
  7. Good haul! 63 windproof is a great find.
  8. Why would it open a can of worms? Selling kit on? Just asking like. A few tales for t 'woolpack' when he gets out I bet. I must admit he always looked like one of 'them' droopy tash, Beenie hat, tatty Barbour....
  9. Yes you definitely need an end on end fabric (blue and white warp/weft mix) to get the right look. Some vintage police and postal workers shirts were very similar using an end on end fabric.
  10. Scotch. You have some prize items that you post and you are very humble with your sourcing (you have said as much in some previous posts) I cannot get hold of one of those RAF caps. I salute you.
  11. Thank you. We are both still after the green SBS one though! Have you seen the washed out pink gas capes in the vintage showroom?
  12. Some prices have gone a bit crazy. Three hundred quid for a 68 smock and 58 webbing is a lot. Maybe the pics and presentation from hogspear help? It gives the impression of provenance? Believe it or not I once got a DPM arctic parka 44/58 webbing bits and smock/lightweights all for £20 from hogspear but that was a few years ago. I have to admit I once put a huge bid in on a green windproof and some maps and documents from the Oman campaign that were supposed to come from a SAS officer (I was outbid) and the listing ended at nearly £700!
  13. Hello all. I found this belt in a vintage shop. 37 brass fittings and layout on a 44 webbing belt. Does anyone know if this a hybrid for a foreign army order or a interim between 37and44? Thank you.
  14. I had something the same style and was UK made but in plain sand colour fabric that was packed and labeled for Saudi police. Not sure if that helps?
  15. Hello. Can anyone help identify these straps? Dated 1945 Thank you.
  16. Ok not technically windproof. I just seem to default to the common parlance for this smocks. This is the (already discussed on previous posts) 1941 issue green denim smock issued to mountain troops and the basis for the other smocks we know that came after.
  17. A new addition. Green denim windproof smock, nice worn look to it. Good label. Got one mint one worn now. I bought this to sell on but I am thinking of keeping it now!
  18. Anyone shed any light on this pouch? I saw one of these listed on eBay a while ago as an SAS SLR pouch. I have never seen a photograph of any in use but it looks the right make, colour, era, drop belt loop etc.
  19. We are deffo all looking out for the same stuff on eBay. I did not bid on that hogspear jumper nice as it was.
  20. I was lucky to find the WW2 version in very good condition from a reputable source.
  21. [ATTACH]81290[/ATTACH][ATTACH]81291[/ATTACH][ATTACH]81292[/ATTACH] I am not sure how old this is or if Authentic WW2. It has the right wear, age and manufacture to it. Lot of holes and repairs and fake fur lined. Anyone collect such things?
  22. Was this on general issue or RM issue kit?
  23. This is a bit stuck together but I have been looking for one of these for ages now. Were there pants to match?
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