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  1. phoenix

    Thornycroft crane.

    Photographed in Weardale. July 2019. Not sure if this is for sale, but location and details can be passed on to anybody interested.
  2. phoenix


    Thornycroft crane. ( Not sure how old this truck is).Saw this in Weardale. (July 2019). Not sure if it's for sale, but i can pass location and details on to interested parties.
  3. Thanks for the welcome and information. Jeep or Dodge eh ? Hmmm. Will have to dwell on that for a bit.
  4. Hello to everyone. Really enjoying reading the posts and viewing the restorations on this site. Some real skills and determination on here. Have always toyed with the idea of locating and restoring a WW2 jeep that won't cost a fortune. Maybe one day.:undecided:
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