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  1. 25 Years ago today at Café Gondrée.
  2. https://www.warhistoryonline.com/war-articles/ready-to-cry-amazing-images-of-the-war-dump-million-dollar-point.html :cry:
  3. I think it very fitting, as it commemorates the xmas 1914 truce, (albeit an unofficial truce) It is something that not everyone would be aware of. And having worked for them for 9 years, up to 1998, every year i worked for them they always observed the minuets silence on November 11th.
  4. Where ever i have worked we have always observed a minuets silence. I would say that it is observed more these days then ever. When i was at school it was never honored, but i think all schools do now, i know the schools round here do. But i guess it would be hard to stop the car when you are driving.
  5. I would like to see them left on display as they are until November 11th 2018, as this would represent all the British soldiers that died i all 4 years of the war, but then it would also commemorate 100 years when the armistice was signed.[h=1][/h]
  6. Fascinating. It is amazing that there are still undiscovered secrets hidden. It makes you wonder in this modern day an age why it was located here when it is discovered in what seems all these years on a random place like a wood or forest. I remember 20+ years ago, a friend acquired a map of some air raid tunnels that were built in a hillside in underneath Weybridge golf course If memory serves me correct just across the road from Brooklands. All the doors had been blocked up apart from one. Armed with just my Zippo lighter it was very spooky and every few yards or so tunnels leading off t
  7. Great pics. Always good to see Then and Now pictures. Shows how little some places have changed in 70 years.
  8. This maybe a daft question, but I am just wondering how many of us, like myself, will be paying tribute to the millions who died in World War 1, by turning off all house lights at 10pm tonight to mark 100 years since the beginning of the First World War.
  9. Yes I know I saw that too.
  10. Boba69

    Jeep Stolen

    Here here. And it could happen to anyone of us. I would not wish this on anyone who spend a lot of time and money in keeping these historic vehicles on the road, and some with very understanding wives/partners, who may/may not accept second place for the love of these green machines.
  11. Boba69

    Jeep Stolen

    here here. Hope they get caught, and/or they get whats coming to them.
  12. Yes it does kinda bring back memories of 1994. I too met Major John Howard, and took a photo of him as he autographed a black and white post card of two horsa gliders taken in 1944.
  13. Sadly I could not be there, as much as I would like to have been.:-( But I did pay my respects and gave my thanks in 1994. Would you say that the 70th was as big as the 50th commemorations?
  14. Update, The Battle of Britain Bunker is now open again at weekends without appointment. Well worth a visit to anyone who maybe interested. Just check the website as there are one or two weekends in June and July that it is not open.
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