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  1. Thanks for the replies. Its on the list as 1965 although registered as 1960 but thats DVLA for you! Should be AFS as it used to have a CYY registration.
  2. Hi all. I recently bought this Gipsy (you may have seen it for sale). In fairly reasonable condition for a Gipsy, although not been very well cared for considering (i think) it was a home office one and should have been like new when released. The plan is to use it as is for the time being until other projects are done and then restoration can start. So far... Fitted all new brake pipes and hoses, freed off all brakes and clutch. Engine starts and runs well. Fiddled with most of the electrical items in one way or another. Next on the list is a small amount of welding to pass MOT.
  3. Bit of an update... Recently purchased another Gipsy, you may have seen for sale on here! Probably ought to start a thread somewhere else but thought i would start here.
  4. A G4M10 and G4M15. Both equally knackered but like all projects, i do have plans. The Landy take priority at the moment.
  5. Hello. My name is Tim. I have an interest in all old vehicles but mainly 4x4. I have a 1969 Land Rover undergoing restoration and a very rusty Gipsy! Cheers
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