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  1. headset, believed to be Swedish i think since its not on its own a proper era and description would be very much appreciated? what do you think...
  2. in a recent delivery we found a few boxes of these packs, they contain untreated cotton wool, and as you can can see are circa ww2. i wonder were they for packing dressings, or general...mopping up? incredibly Google doesn't come up with anything much for untreated cotton wool, so any info would be cool.
  3. A quick hello to introduce myself, i have been involved with army surplus equipment and clothing for some years, and as a result have a large collection of kit and equipment that is a unknown, hopefully i can contribute to the forum in areas i have knowledge of, and visa versa. Love and restore american cars so no stranger to ancient and agricultural vehicles, and enjoyed my last visit the war and peace show. look forward to getting involved best regards mark;)
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