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  1. Hi, I am looking for a replacement air windscreen wiper unit for my M35A2. I tried to repair it but there appears to be a build up of vacuum in side of the unit and when operating it manually it stiffens up. I think it may be a problem with the pressure relief button which stays in and is sealed. I can get one from the states but if anybody can help in the UK that would be great . Thanks. Steve H.
  2. Hi, I have seen them on Milweb being sold by Kerry I might E mail him. It's worth a shot. Thanks Steve H.
  3. Chris, I have looked at this site before and would have purchased something from them but it is only internal sales to the states. Shame. What I am looking for is a short pintle for my Jeep which support both front and rear pin fixings with a Ammo can bracket fixing. Does that help?
  4. Chris, Apologies I should have said Pintle Steve H.
  5. Rob, I would be interested in 200. I live in Southampton, would you be able to post them? Thanks. By the way your private message box is overloaded. It must be people interested in your bags. Regards Steve H.
  6. Ladies and Gents, I am looking for a gun mount for my replica 30 cal. I have a replica pedestal but I would like a original mount instead of the replica mount I have at present. Is there anybody out there whose got one for sale? Thanks. Steve H.
  7. Ladies and Gents, I am looking to replace my soft cab to a Hard Top. Does anyone know where I can get one. They seem pretty scarce in the UK. Steel or Fibreglass I am flexible. Thanks.
  8. Hi Capt Max, Thanks very much for the information there is always someone out there who knows lots more information. This is the wonder of the internet. I have a couple more questions. Please have a look at the two jpegs I have attached, My finger is pointing to the items on the ammo can I am interested to know what they are used for. Thanks for taking an interest. Steve Haws
  9. Hi, I am looking for a deactivated B.A.R. Is there anyone out there who has got one for sale.? I missed one at W&P, should have bought it when I saw it but still looking.
  10. Paul, Thanks. I clicked on the link you sent. It looks well stocked with parts. I could spend a lot of money there. But I must not tell the wife. It is a trip I have planned for the future . France, Belgium up to the Scheldt Estuary, the route my dad took in WW2. Do yo know of any places in the UK? Thanks.
  11. Hi, I am looking for tyres. 9.00 x 20. Does anybody know the best place to get some. I would buy a few if I could get them for a reasonable price. Thanks.
  12. Thanks gents it seems unanimous. I think I have had my monies worth
  13. Hi all, I have decided to buy a new battery for my Jeep as my current power pack is about 12 years old. can anyone recommend a good quality unit and supplier. The one I have at present is a LINCON. Thanks.
  14. Mark, Yes that is a problem. occupation hazard I am afraid, when you are looking Steve
  15. Paul, Yes thanks. I look ever day. I have contacted a couple of people. One was sold very quickly. I contacted a guy in Belgium but he lived 2 hrs the wrong side of Brussels and it would have not been very easy to get there. I live in Hampshire. I do not mind travelling but you have got to take in the fuel costs to get it back at 5 to 6 miles to the gallon.
  16. Hi Ladies and Gents, I am looking for a REO M35 A2. Anybody got one for sale? I looking for one in good condition and a runner. I have missed a couple. Would consider something similar but ideally REO M35. They must be out there! Steve.
  17. Chris, I have a pedestal mount. I have contacted BMG for something else but they would not ship to the UK. I should say my 30cal is only repro but I would have been willing to adapt a holder myself.
  18. Hi Ladies and Gents, I am looking for a holder to attach to my 30cal. I have searched loads of sites. Does anybody know where I can get one. I would be interested in a complete pintle / holder as well if I cannot just get the can holder. Thanks.
  19. Does anyone know what the square clips are used for on a 30 cal can? On the long side of the can is a square clip about half way down to the left. There is a square clip on the opening end of the same thickness but larger. There is a thicker square clip which is related to the hasp type lid catch. I have another question. Is the larger square clip on the opening end related to holding the can in place when fitted in some type of ammo can cradle on the Browning? Thanks Ladies and Gents.
  20. I have just purchased a replica from Crossfire and I can only say it is an excellent product. I contacted Marina at Crossfire after reading these posts and explained my requirements. Marina was extremely helpful and after several phone calls I purchased a 30cal and pedestal for my Jeep. The only thing she did not have was the stay which holds the gun in transit but I had a solution for that myself. I went to pick up the gun personally and when I arrived to my surprise they had manufactured a stay. I was over the moon. This is a sheet metal machine shop and if you know about metal and metal workships it has a smell and it certainly had that. I went a way a happy customer. Highly recommended.
  21. 125LAA

    Reo M35 A2

    Thanks for all your useful and interesting advice. I have been on hols so a bit slow to respond. I just had one slip through my hands but I am sure there will be anothet around the corner. I must say that it may look good on top but there could be some problems underneath . Thanks
  22. 125LAA

    Reo M35 A2

    I am considering buying a Reo. Can anybody tell me what should I look for when buying? Thanks.
  23. Ladies and Get, Thanks for all you useful advice, lots to think about and investigate further. I do like the idea of making my own which in the field probably was required sometimes.:cheesy:
  24. Ladies and Gents, He is what I am looking for.
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