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  1. You still got any chieftain tank bits bob
  2. Sadly I couldn't be there this year my back is really bad at the moment but it looked a great show
  3. I missed the show as i forgot it was on,and missed seeing the chieftain mbt,i wonder if it is going to the nostalgia weekend at croft on 6th/7th of august but who owns the chieftain please
  4. do you have the army reg no for the striker,if so i shall see if i can get any vehicle history on it for you
  5. i got the nato green from the army place near derby and yes it was a foam roller.if i knew how to upload a photo i could show you my first attempt
  6. i tried using a roller for the green paint but it melted the roller.the black paint i got from wilkinsons.
  7. i had to paint it as it was market trader white
  8. tankie 1rtr what was the reg no of your chieftain as i may have an in service shot of it
  9. i have a sprinter van that i painted black and green by hand but i made a mess of it.does anybody know how i get the proper paint scheme sorted as i want it to look right,i tried to paint it the same as my chieftain i used to drive but a five year old could have done better.im also having problems trying to mount the clansman side stalk mounts so any help would be great. many thanks
  10. hi sean are you still looking for parts as i do know somebody who has enough chieftain parts to build three from the ground up.i realy trust this guy if you want his number then call me on 07849051722.steve.ps do you want the info on the chieftains you have if so i will swap you for some photos of them

  11. if anybody wants help in finding the history for their vehicle then get in touch,or if you would like me to write a restoration story on your vehicle and get it in the magazine i write for then get in touch. kind regards steve.07849051722
  12. do you have the history on this vehicle if not give me the army reg no and i shall see what i can do for you.if you would like me to cover the restoration work on it i shall see if i can get it in the magazine i write for if you like. my number is 07849051722 steve.i live in ripon
  13. my name is steve jacklin x chieftain driver i write for military machines international i trace chieftain tanks all over the world and i am always looking for pics of chieftains i am also co owner of the chieftain tank disposal list,if any body is restoring one please let me know so i can update my files as some do slip through the net,also if anybody wants the history on the vehicle they are restoring let me know as i can still get the service records for them if the paper work was handed in when the vehicle was struck off cencus.do you want me to write about your vehicle from start to finish
  14. the army barracks is still there in ripon fv432s run up and down the road also the old devril barracks is still there as well although mainly used by cadets the old tank driving range is still there as well with two chieftains sat in the middle of it one being a 1956 prototype with a false reg no on it,if anybody needs any help sourcing parts let me now. whats the chance of getting photos of the chieftains you have over there they need to be hard copies as this computer is c..p
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