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  1. Here is the front axle and wheel. Not many leafs in the springs for a commercial vehicle. I'm looking for a spare front wheel too if anyone can help or suggest a make/model that may suit. Dimensions in image below. Does anyone recognise the axle or steering box? Could any front brakes be fitted? Thanks Don
  2. Anyone want to swap/trade a reproduction non firing metal .50 MG with belt an original pintle mount for a vickers MG that might fit the turret. If this post needs to be elsewhere tell me and I'll move it
  3. Thanks - Interesting - I thought front wheel hubs looked like Bedford J hubs but the steering is different and no front brakes
  4. It's a bit of a bodge I think. I suspect the 'H' reg was used to get the 'Q' plate as the Bedford makers plate is screwed to a wooden bulkhead with 4 different screws and the Bedford chassis number is probably welded in. The chassis is ancient - 1920's in my view as no front brakes were ever fitted.. I'll upload another photo showing more
  5. I have bought a Rolls Royce Armored car replica that was used in the movie Empire of the Sun & Michael Collins. Aside from the woodwork I need to ID the engine and try to ID the chassis and axles - they are possibly all different. Log book no help as it says Rolls Royce and it's on a 'Q' plate. It is not a Rolls Royce as the donor vehicle was an old 'H'suffix Bedford van - where the engine/box most likely came from. Anyone recognise the engine. It is a 6 cylinder petrol? Thanks
  6. Thanks to everyone for your replies. Apparently your regular road insurance won't cover kids clambering on the outside of a vehicle. Only when in it. I guess we could sell stickers for donations. If you have a sticker you get a free ride... If you don't we name & shame... lol The killjoys have really ruined it. You can't even do a nice thing without getting in trouble.... Thanks again... Don
  7. Hi, This summer I wanted to raise a bit of money for Help for Heroes. My plan was to bring my DUKW to a show I've been invited to and give kids rides in the back around the field. This unfortunately raises insurance proplems my brokers told me). 1). If a kid trips on the bangs their head ( if I'm showing the vehicle while it's static) my road insurance won't cover me (they said). 2). I can carry kids for free as the field temporarily comes under the Highways act (they said) for the duration of the show BUT if I charge people it is for 'Hire & reward' and the personal, social & domestic insurnce won't cover it. (I daren't even think about driving licence classes). I've rang around insurance companies and nobody would touch it. Does anyone have any ideas who would cover the vehicle? Thanks Don
  8. Hi, Probably a silly question but is there an easy way of taking the gearstick of a CCKW gearbox to aid removing the engine/box as one unit without removing the top plate & selectors? Thanks for any advice offered Don
  9. Hi, New to this forum so I hope here is an appropriate place. A mate videod these of my first trip in my DUKW. It was a bit like driving the QE2 after a CCKW. Cheers Don
  10. Hi, First let me start by saying great forum and thanks for the opportunity to join. It's taken a while to get here as my primary interest is WW2 RAF Air Sea Rescue craft. Not an easy thing to get to a show with unfortunately so needs must. I've got two RAF Seaplane tenders, one 32' narrow beam and the other a wide beam 40'6' (ST365) craft that I bought to save from the chainsaw. I'll be selling the ST365 shortly as I'm out of space and can concentrate on only one at a time. I've bought a Bedford QLB and a suitable trailer and, if it all works out well, I may eventually get to tow the boat to a show next year. Well that's loosely the plan. I have hopes that she will be be able to assist the in some fundraising events for the veterans if things work out. My interest is DUKW's. A mate & I have bought a 'project' that should just about go through a metal detector without setting it off. We have set a silly target of getting it on the road for the summer. Hopefully the summer of 2008. We're still at the dismantling/cutting stage. Does anyone have any drawings/hull templates for sale as ours has been welded/hacked about so often? I hope there are some members in the East Anglian area with advice ( especially on Bedford QLB's/DUKW's). I'm a newby on the mechanics of these creatures. I was going to get a CCKW but I don't think the RAF had them in any numbers and the QL, like the Matador is a rather iconic British truck. Some pictures of the boats at http://www.rania.co.uk/ST365 All advice welcome and merry Christmas to you all. Don
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