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  1. Looking for 2  prewar Michelin Solid  disc  ( or Citroen U23 wheels)  to take 33x5  tyres.

    The wheels fitted are wrong (U23 on front)  I know but I need doubles on the back. 

    Anything considered or any idea as to where I could find any.

    Desperately need them to get on the road. 

    Located on Norfolk, UK. 




  2. 15 hours ago, jason1968 said:

    Ferguson T20 wheels are six stud as I am looking for a pair!!

    Sorry - yes they are  6 stud. I've got mine on land rover wheels. I still have a pair of originals on an old vineyard 32.  You can still get  new Fergie front wheels/tyres  very cheap. 

    The ones on ebay seem to be smaller (that  I need)  front wheels.. 



    I was having a job getting paint.   My last batch of GMC olive drab was more Landrover series one mid gloss green.  I was not impressed.

    I found a company called Paints4Trade. that I'd not heard of before.  They charged me £39.99 for 5 litres  of army paint (loads of military colours there)  delivered to my door.   They also do  bus/commercial paints. 

    I have no affilliation whatsover to this company and I'm nor recommending them - just sharing  hoping it saves somebody a few quid.

    Link here:


  4. Thanks  for replying. They are very similar but different.  The recessed casting on mine is different  - possibly from a  lighter bedford of the same time.    The dimensions from the spring mounts look shorter on mine too - unfortunately.

    The width between the tyres on her now is the same as on my Vauxhall/Nissan/Renault  van. 

    If anyone knows on a cheap axle I can try I'll have a go,






  5. Thanks for all the great advice. Until I can determine  what the axle is ( not a Bedford J1 apparently) I can't get hubs so I  can't   go forward  with wheels.

     Anybody gor a suitable front axle with hubs for sale or recognise this one with the missing brake hubs?

    Thanks again




  6. 2 hours ago, David Herbert said:

    I think we just have an issue of how the dimension is shown on Rania's drawing. It shows measuring from the studs at 10 to 2 o'clock. Continuing the LH dimension line down to the 8 o'clock stud changes nothing as it is directly below the 10 o'clock one. If one wanted to show the dimension from the 12 to 6 o'clock studs one would take the dimension lines out horizontaly and then mark the vertical distance between them. If one wanted to show the distance between the 8 and 2 o'clock ones one would draw the dimension lines at 30 degrees to the left of vertical and mark the distance between them.

    Alternatively one could just say that the centres of the studs are on a circle (known as the pitch circle) of whatever diameter, which would apply regardless of how many studs there are. The explanation of measuring odd number studs in the left image above might serve if you were roughly comparing wheels but it would be idiotic to use it to specify what you need as it is very inaccurate. How inaccurate depends on if there are 3 / 5 / 7 etc studs but that is not mentioned. It is just wrong !! And they are not always in inches either, nor round numbers !! Grrr...




    Hi David, There are 6 studs -  drawing not scaled. The yellow line line  goes past the one at 10 O'clock to the next one at 8 o'clock. Sorry  this is not clear.



  7. 1 hour ago, Citroman said:

    Studs distances are measured diagonally normally center to center holes.

    I did it this way:   12 0'clock to 6 O'clock.   I'ver changed the bad black line colour so I hope its clearer.




  8. Hi David,   It is hole center to center. The 1920  RR  models were fittel with Michelin steel wheels but I'm not sure my hubs are the same dimensions

    I fear adding  drum brakes will  increase the front axle  width so requiring dish wheels like the original bedford ones. or  replacement front axle.

    I attach photos of front/rear wheel depth  so you see the issue.  Incorrect fromt hubs fitted?



  9. I have a project with 3 different sized wheels/tyres.     It is a replica Rolls Royce 1920 Armoured car.

    I  THINK it was built on a Bedford WLB chassis and also need front brakes complete as you can see they have been removed - probably the wrong hub fitted to fix the profile width.. I'd appreciate any suggestions of what might fit.  Thanks


    20181010_133928 - Copy.jpg

    20181010_133935 - Copy.jpg





  10. The original RR's  had spoked wheels  then   changed in 1920 to Miichelin solid wheels.  The  vehicle has  3 different  wheel types  and 2 differenr rim/tyre sizes. so I hope the  Cltreon has 8" hole centers.  The originals were solid.  All ( except the bedfords) have been cut about to fit. 8" hole centers  is critical. 




  11. 15 hours ago, Tony B said:

    Who cares? Getting running for 11/11/2018 That isjust gorgeous!

    Hi, I   would love to but can't commit as I need to sort out MOT as she's on a Q plate. This is why I need wheels  and possibly brakes sorted.  Cheers

  12. 32 minutes ago, David Herbert said:

    I think that the plain (front) wheels look better than the rears. If the two rows of wheel studs offend you why not cut out the centres and weld in a new centre with just the six stud holes that you need. you can fill the two holes in the RH front wheel at the same time.


    The Citreon U23 wheels are the best bet all round if they fit.   I haven't enough for front/rear spares  and I too like the plain front wheels.

    I need to see what can be done about front brakes as she isn't really safe for the road with none. That will affect the hub and maybe the  wheels too.

    I'll try a  front/.rear wheel swap to see what  problems arise




  13. 28 minutes ago, David Herbert said:

    That front axle was clearly fitted with brakes but they have been unbolted from the stub axle, the flange remains.


    Well spotted David.  It is dreadful to stop without front brakes.  Letting off the throttle has more effect than braking. The rear axle seems to be original and has  these rims fitted.  Could they be Bedford rims as  studs same as front ones?

    Thanks again  


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