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  1. Well... A way to have shut off that particular little slice of pan blok federalism courtesy of Trowbridge town Council...would've been to show em a pic or three of the A7V that currently resides in Australia...
  2. Now you'll tell me it'd be neigh on impossible to get this tank into position in or near the square... Anything is possible...if the will exists to make it so...
  3. Airbrushing out history is more important to them than anything else...including shopping... Perhaps they will go all the way and give us a detailed account of "EU...the first 30 years" ...or a rendition of Richard "club remoan" Branson and his meteoric rise to prominence... They've been conducting a sustained program of social conditioning for 30 odd years now...the tools employed being schools, universities, the BBC and other left thinking institutions...auld uncle Joe would have recognised this pogrom against tradition and common sense...no doubt he would have granted it his sea
  4. That means there was a covert operation to extract cash for the 'privilege' of showing a piece of local history at an important event...whilst employing the canopy of 'health & safety' to conceal the real motive... Never let the truth get in the way of a good story...
  5. Be careful... Local authorities are pass masters at making unpopular decisions appear to be someone else's doing.... They are full of completely hopeless and useless shysters, charlatans and chancers... devious and sly...
  6. 3 jaw chucks generally have upto 1 1/2 thou runout
  7. Wynns do many different products Steve... You may need some of this for it:
  8. Nice work there Ben And use of chisel & sand/glasspaper to tidy up those notches is correct... The rebating plane suggested would have spelched the wood...as your going against...rather than with the grain
  9. Carb cleaner It's quite aggressive stuff so don't get it near painted surfaces or rubber diaphragm/seals etc... Failing that then throw it in a tub of Tol...
  10. Nice to meet up & chat Steve down at shuttleworth the weekend The 2 subsidy trucks there were great... Did you see the 1920 Albion Charabanc...? They let me have a go at starting it... Quite easy...and with no modern gimmicks on it...
  11. Who's that then... Mr Tongue & Groove...?
  12. They are also referred to as "Nico press swedges" Common amongst aircraft builders
  13. Get one of them joggling tools...the kind that are used for door skinning etc: Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/302110061842
  14. This is starting to come together now Steve You'll make your deadline Glenn. GLMelectrical
  15. The Crossley "Q" type was specified with Gruss air springs Crossley Q's were often utilised in RAF service...I think as mobile radio shacks etc
  16. try pumping it full of water first with a plumbers pipework pressure tester see if it pushes them dents out...
  17. Do you think this might have anything to do with soldering pipework to carry portable water..?...:banghead:
  18. Early aluminium/alloy is full of impurities Can make it difficult to weld with the argon set...
  19. Forging mild steel should be done with the metal at a bright yellow heat Dull or bright red is not hot enough....And risks creating brittle spots...And thus cracking/spelching
  20. I did a blacksmithing course...Back in 2000 And that's typical of cold forging Andy....
  21. chances are you've been forging it too cold Steve....And it's work hardened
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