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  1. Hi Cornishbloke, Many thanks for that. Had already located that .df, but unfortunately pages 3-10 are all scrambled (as attached image) Odd ! Hence my subsequent posting here. But thanks anyway.
  2. Quote' I think the VMARS archive has a full set of the Racal mast manuals as PDF - I got mine via another source so am free to share them with people who have a legitimate need for private use - PM me if you are stuck.' Hi Ian, I'm new to this forum and after reading some of the threads (this is my first post) I'm specifically researching for mast info. and found this link after several hours googling various miliatary/comm's site and Royal Signals, have found myself here, which seems to havea lot of useful information and people are happy to help ! Anyway, I have a Racal Type 7
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