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  1. Fuel supply is fine and Ive tried injecting fresh petrol into the cylinders so don't think that's the problem. If only you worked from Devon Paul, a rusty truck specialist is just what I need. Very nearly got her going today but still no luck. I'm going to get a new set of NGK spark plugs but am not sure what I need?
  2. Thanks Andy, I'll have a look and see what I turn up.
  3. Hello all, I'm looking for a mechanic in Devon, preferably Dartmoor that might be able to help me. My SUMB has been neglected for a few months and will not start, in the winter it would start and run for a few seconds then clonk out. I've checked the obvious things like battery, spark plugs, alternator, fuel etc but she will turn over fast but not fire. It's a mystery to me! But she must be moved for an approaching wedding and for some cosmetic work. A few local mechanics and engineers have had a fiddle but no luck and everyone I call is reluctant to get involved with an old military
  4. Does anybody know of any HMV friendly mechanics/recovery companies in the East Dartmoor area?? My SUMB has been neglected this winter (A mistake I wont make again) and needs to be moved ASAP but isn't starting. Mechanics isn't my strong point (In fact I'm not sure what is) but I've checked the obvious plugs, battery, fuel. I have a deadline to finish some cosmetic work on it but the SUMB is currently touching against a Bedford TK proving this impossible.
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