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  1. Thanks Scott - that's really interesting. We knew it had been in Northern Ireland, but didn't know any exact dates. Please send my appreciations to John for the info Tom
  2. (To add to that, for anyone looking for engine oil for their Bedford RL - just rooted out the workshop manual for mine and it seems that post-1955, the engine oil is OMD-330 - which would translate [if I understand all this correctly, which is always open to question...] to a 20W50 such as the various 'classic' oils about. Checking in the yahoo RL group seems to confirm this. I'm guessing that your notes, Clive, are for earlier models... Thanks again - learning all the time about this amazing behemoth of a vehicle...)
  3. Thanks all - and particularly for the info, Clive. From the looks of it, then a SAE 10W/30 would be the oil to use... (And yes, I've seen that group on yahoo - I'll be pestering them too ) I'll post more pictures once we're up and on the road... Tom
  4. Hi all - just saying hello here on this board. I live on the edge of Dartmoor with my wife and son - we're in the last stages of converting a 1960s Bedford RL into a travelling theatre, by taking the drop-sides, hoops and canvas off and replacing it with a cedar-clad living space and a stage that folds down on the passenger side. We've had the RL since 2012 and I think we've got just a few months of work left now... You can read more about what we're up to here. This is what it looks like at the moment... Perhaps not everyone's cup of tea, but it's putting the old RL into good service and means it'll be well maintained for years to come! I'm looking for advice about what oil to use for the RL and where I might get a spare wheel for mounting underneath (not to mention what kind of winch system is used for getting it on and off...) All the best from Dartmoor Tom
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