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  1. Hi Barry. No i dont have much dealings with BAE if i can help it. so i dont know your brother. speak soon ossie
  2. hi tony titan and torjan i see evry day but i can not take pics. never mind. be quick before they go. Ossie
  3. hi Do you know if it was still in service after 1949 if so all the registration cards are in Bovington. when the current registration number system. alot of them were converted to Petard AVRE's and these survived untill 1953 -55 or converted to arvs or bridgelayers and ARKS which were still in service till early 60's. if you look on this site http://www.armourinfocus.co.uk/a22/index.htm there are some Mk4 AVRE's listed check these. Ossie
  4. hi all i doubt it very much if you will ever see one in the operational configeration . also you will not be able i doubt to get the bits from the after market to change a FV 432 in to one. sorry i can not say more. my job. Ossie
  5. hi all thank you all for your commnets , some of you know me allready but for those who do not i was in the Armoured Engineers for 14years and i work on tanks for a living for the MOD at Bovington. so i see enough each day to not want one at the moment and i get to drive as well. speak soon Tony did you ever get those walk arounds of the AVLB OR CHAVRE Ossie
  6. hi ya the dash on the AVLB MK 6 and AVRE should be the same. the Mk5 may not be. main engine and GUE panels are the same but the rest have been modified because it was useing common parts with other inservice equipment towards the end. this is due to mine plough and dozer control power supplies and other equipments. Engines will be Sundances because that was all that was fitted to them. you can use them but you MUST CHANGE the BOTTOM Damper the one fitted is the one that drives the dog clutch. why not get a new Gear box at the same time. some of the Hull panels on the Mk6 are same as guntanks because these are converted gun tanks. Mk5 were special build AVLBS all have regisrations with 01FD56- 86 i know mine was 01FD 58 & 01FD59.66. BY the way we have met at Beltring, i am marioes friend who served with him in the army. by the way some of the CHAVRE & AVLB's which were in storage before disposal were FULL OF WATER. speak soon ossie
  7. Hi ya Well what can I say about myself well lets just start at the begging. Served 14 years in the ARMY until 1987 in the Armoured Engineers where I served on Centurion ARK, AVRE.BRIDGELAYER also Chieftain AVLB and AVRE. Becoming a Driver Mech B1 & a commander. I then after leaving the army I was apart of the Duxford restoration society looking after a lot of different vehicles. I was involved with the Centurion AVRE on scrap heap challenge. I now work on tanks for a living for the MOD. I AM mad about Centurions. Been involved with AFV CLUB with the design for there Centurion plastic kit range. So I hope I can help some one some time. Would love to own a Centurion strv 104 or Chieftain AVLB. But I do not own anything at this moment in time. Ossie
  8. hi ya i perfer Centurion ARVS to Chieftains, only good thing about chiefy is the crane. centurion will pull at low revs . not to keen on this new electronic igintions but what ever. you will need a lot of petrol and 75lbs of sq pressure to dip clucth. i use to drive one for real . along with Centurion bridgelayers and AVRE's Ossie
  9. hi ya ok Go to the DLB which is in the front box which is one on top of another. check numbers 21,19,20 are connected. suspect generator is gone down. or relay sticking in DLB. Ossie
  10. Hi y a My name is Ossie and I am new here but not to tanks, ok I followed this thread, I have some thing that may determine a few things. 1st of all park the tank outside, nothing in front or behind, out of emergency gear. 2nd go to the gearbox undo the brake accumulator valve at the rear right hand corner. No brake pressure NO GEARS. (If you move with valve on main brakes will catch fire) 3rd sit in driver’s seat. Look to your right behind the master switch box on the hull wall you will see a block with two wires connected to it. UN PLUGS both. This will disconnect all safeties and allow you to change up gears with NO BRAKES. 4th start GUE you have not said what the original registration is so I will presume that you do not have a gate on the GUE speed control on the left leaver. ( for high speed when engaging hydraulic start, mk 5 build vehicles) 5th START main engine. Bring engine generator on line by pressing both rest buttons on both engine panels and then press both gen panel swithes. If distribution panel light is red it is charging when green it means batteries are charged. 6th with hand brake off. Try to select gear and rev engine to over 1500 rpm. If you don’t move. Try this. Hold gear selector up and flick master switch on and off very quickly, it should change up gear to second gear & jump out; you will see it on the gauge. If NONE of this works I would try getting a new GCP gear selector pedal switch complete. If the gear box selector’s emergency gears it may not be the gear box. By the way the oil filters are under a cover. I will ask a man who use to build TN gearboxes for a living when I go back to work on Monday. Hope this helps Ossie
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