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  1. On 2/13/2020 at 10:34 AM, snort said:

    Slowly, and small corrections if possible, fairly easy as you can see it all happening. I had a bar on the forks which made it easier to push and see. But often reversed from the tow hitch.  But then I am used to a lorry and 4 wheel drag.

    Well now im making a front towing bracket for the Eager Beaver - this should allow me to shunt trailers about easily and more accurately than having them at the back end of the EB !   all parts cut and ready to weld up this stay at home saturday. 

    front tow frame.jpeg

  2. Hi All,

    I am seeking any information, particularly the weight, of the  5 ton , 'air portable' trailer that was used with the Eager Beaver.  

    I believe these were made by Brockhouse & Co, West Bromwich.  They have brakes on only the rear axle - whats the view on the legality of towing on the road behind an Eager Beaver?  ( as if one would be brave enough!!)   Many thanks   Dave 

  3. Hi Mark, It looks very smart now! After visiting Jason in Glastonbury we continued to mid wales where we ended up buying this EB for my friends landscaping business...




    I do wonder how restoration of 01FU19 is going.... I suspected and now have confirmation: It's a very early example!

    Great if you could pm me the contact details - or have the new order reply here!!


    Eager Beavers are awesome!



  4. Hi Looking at a Sankey 1 Ton Trailer FV2401/A. Looks a good trailer, Here's the question, What rims if any do they share with? For a spare wheel, its not gong to be towed by a British vehicle.


    Tyre size at mo are, 9.00x20 Tyres Fitted.


    Thanks in advance


    Hi Pete,

    Did you get this trailer ? I recently purchased a generator from near Glastonbury and with it came a 2401/A trailer ( that i have only just identified as such having cleaned the name plate)... Reg 64BK85


    did you find out any more about these trailers ?


    It's in pretty poor condition, with 9 x 20 tyres... - the wheels are 8 stud on what seems to be 10 1/2 PCD (EB wheels ( dunlop aluminium split rims?) are 8 stud on what looks like 10 3/4" PCD - as such i don't think they would be interchangeable)


    One day it may be restored and towed behind my Eager Beaver ... Whilst it's not technically correct for the EB it's a better fit that the ( 8' wide) 1 3/4 tonne one that came with the Eager Beaver and sticks out over a foot each side !


    Mine has a wooden flat bed - with metal strips holding the planks down - do you know where one can get these strips ?


    The mudguards have flat tops to them ( to stand on ??) however have also rusted quite badly,,


    Sankey 1 Ton 2 wheel.jpg


    As usual i'd be pleased to hear real use cases for these trailers!



  5. Hi, I saw this Eager Beaver in Glastonbury a year ago, in a poor state. Have heard recently it has been sold and in now undergoing restoration some where near Bodmin ?? I'd like to get in contact with the new owner and wondered if he may be on this forum ??


    Kind Regards





    Eager Beaver 01FU19.jpg

  6. Actually, with a few hoops to jump through and the mislaying of some of my original letters from DES for a couple of months ( I got them back in the end) I found DVLA helpful when re registering my Eager Beaver as Historic from Agricultural. They are going through a phase of rationalization as some cars newly manufactured in South America were being registered here as 'historic' which they clearly were not. The FBHVC (Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs) are doing some great work with DVLA to ensure genuine historic vehicles are correctly registered. I'll let you know how i get on with my latest EB, unregistered since being cast.. however, thankfully, we have the release certificate.

  7. Here in Waverley, Surrey I tried very hard to persuade our local council not to demolish a building housing 4 squash courts, as the were fully booked each evening by people who wanted to play squash. I got Sport England involved, Enqlish Squash and Raquetball wrote to the 'Chief Executive' pointing out the benefits in participation in Sport, I wrote to my Local MP Jeremy Hunt (I think i pointed out the health benefits!!) who dismayed me greatly by not supporting my campaign but standing behind the 'portfolio holder' Councillor who had history of closing courts and converting to profitable dance studios.

    They wanted to hear none of it. I was a pesky vexatious squash playing pain in the neck for pointing out that hard working local people enjoyed a game in the evenings. Besides the facilities mix was based on the 'Survey', and Squash came below everything else , such as 'facilities for the young', 'facilities for the over 50's' and a whole host of non spaces in a list. It was now a condition of the planning - the courts had to go.

    I never did understand how the 'Design Brief', provided to the architects, and not mentioning provision for Squash, could have been done based on the 'survey', given that the brief was written in January and the survey not conducted until August the same year!

    When it came to the actual building work the rubble came in handy for filling in the swimming pool ; the latter part of the same condition that heralded the demolition of our courts stated 'all demolition material must be removed from site' was simple ignored. When i complained about this blatant breach I was told to proved proof ; after the video and photos were accepted as proof of the breach it was decided that this particular breach was quite ok!

  8. hi im a little new to this but i have 2 trailers that require 10.50-13 tyres 4 each plus spares ie brockhouse fuel tankers. i am looking to get a tyre company in india to produce these for us /me . is the any body else that would like these as the more we get the cheaper they are



    IMGP2381 side view.jpg

    Ah like this trailer ? this has two 13" wheels and two 15.3" wheels. Did you get any 13" tyres made in the end ? Dave

  9. AIRLOG Genset.jpg


    Hi, Can anybody help identify this Noise Attenuated Generator ? It's quite recent, manufactured in 1985, and has a Conventry Climax engine powering it. I spotted it in January when on hunting expedition for an Eager Beaver and ended up picking it up from near Glastonbury earlier this month. Keen to understand more about it's history - could it have been Medical use ? Hope to have it running soon !! Thanks David

  10. Hi, I have been looking into this for my own EB, purchased from Ebay earlier this year. I belive they were manufactured from 1968 (for a very few MkI's) then from 69 - '73 for the Mk II's, although some perhaps later. Mine entered service in September '73.


    I have not been able to locate if there is a serial number on the chassis , which could relate to the year of manufacture rather than the army vechicle plate, which presumably, was secured to the vehicle when it entered service ??


    They were all manufactured at ROF (Royal Ordinance Factory) in Nottingham, which has I understand since been demolished.


    Hope that helps


    Kind Regards



  11. Hello, Quite how I have come to be the latest caretaker for an Eager Beaver I'm not sure, fate and Ebay may have something to do with it! However here I am ; I am now researching and learning fast. Godalming High Street won't be the same again... I hope to meet some of you soon. Kind Regards David. :)

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