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  1. Thanks for the advice chaps! I am pleased I asked the question....... I shall leave well alone!
  2. I own a 1944 Willys Jeep. The V5 shows it as a Ford but its definitely a Willys! How easy is it to correct the information on the V5? Many thanks in advance Phil
  3. Yes, thats the one. Thank you! I need a close up of the metal hook on the end of the leather strap that holds the lid closed. Every box I have seen for sale so far has it missing! Very frustrating......!
  4. I am busy restoring a steel Vickers .303 Machine Gun Ammo box. The box is in reasonable condition but the leather strap and hook that holds the box lid closed is missing. Does anybody have a close up photo of said item that would assist in making a replacement? Thanks in advance Phil
  5. Does anybody on the forum have any knowledge on typical German MG34 Ammo box stencilling? TIA Phil
  6. My name is Phillip and I am the volunteer Restoration Team Leader restoring the 11 Group Battle of Britain Sector Operations Building at RAF Northolt. We are now in year 3 of a five year restoration programme returning the building to as it was in June 1940. The building was the prototype for the development of the Dowding System between 1936 and 1939 and so is of considerable historical importance, the birthplace of integrated air defence. Sadly due to it being Top Secret during its development years there are no known photographs which has required us to do a forensic type examination of th
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