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  1. Southampton Maritime event that is based around a war time theme. They will have some Dunkirk small ships, a Lancaster flypast, and are looking for vehicles and reenactors. http://www.dailyecho.co.uk/news/10248576.Southampton_to_celebrate_its_seafiring_history/ Contact is Jan Gillespie - jan.gillespie@hwtma.org.uk Should be a good event if there are enough people in British and American kit. Regards Martin
  2. Hi everyone, I am one of the organisers of the Project70 planned XXX Corps reenactment run planned for September 2014. A military vehicle owner for 20 years, a Humber scout car, from Guernsey, I have spent all my life being aware of how important "Liberation" and "Freedom" is to a country that has been occupied. I much prefer to participate in a Liberation event to sitting in a field letting the public admire a vehicle park. We are recruiting vehicles and crew willing to dress up in British BD to participate in this unique event. The more pre 1945 British vehicles we can ge
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