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  1. any idea which episode? would be useful on the wdco in Grockle season...lol
  2. I'd love to know what the `correct` equivalent oil is also, as our mil xref books at work dont have any of the wdco milspec oils in them. although i think the manual says castrol XL for engine and XXL for box. Ill check when i get home from work. Chris
  3. most probs with hot/slow starters and buttons isn't just the earth connection from the battery to chassis but more usually the engine or gearbox earth lead to the chassis which quite often are overlooked or missed off when replacing engines etc. Chris
  4. Hi and welcome I haven't been on here for long but have had loads of helpful advice already...i got rid of my VFR750 due to shoulder probs and riding position and now have a WDCO and cant wait to get it out on the road. Ill hopefully be doing some shows down your way as we have our caravan at Axminster and thought we'd use that as a base for some shows. Chris
  5. Hi chris, Thanks for all that....i have been given a bush and cam tonight which will fit and do the job, also an arm that fits on it....the shoes are def wrong, but just need a little (more) filing to properly clear the speedo drive. The linings are exactly the same so can replace those ok.
  6. Ididnt photo shoes and cam but the cam is def not right, its been filed also and only operates on one shoe..the trailing one at that. As you can see the bush is rather gash....the only parts hitchcocks dont have is the shoes and bush, they have cam and pin. Chris
  7. Try this link http://www.transair.co.uk/sp+Aeroshell-Fluid-1-Aeroshell-Fluid-1-209-Ltr-Drum-DEF-STAN-91-44-OM-13+1601DRUM Chris
  8. The ground down screws were used to hold the home made ? bush in from the inside...flattened red bolt was also fitted from inside.
  9. Hi ron, I rang him the other day but he was at work...ill ring again tomorrow. Mine was on the verge of all falling apart and jamming....not good. chris Ps...just rang him again and seeing tomorrow.
  10. Hi, Ive just dismantled the front hub to be horrified at what ive found. Badly brazed bits, screws with heads ground down paper thin to clear the shoes etc etc. My questions are, are the 2 shoes diff? As on the shoes i have, which i presume are not correct, one has been filed to clear the speedo gear and hitchcocks show a left and right shoe. They are out of stock anyway. Does anyone have a pick of the front hub showing where all the bushes and bits etc go, as not having seen a correct one , what the correct parts look like and where they go im a little stymied. Help please, Chris
  11. Im the HESS rep at work and would have to decide if it was classed at working at height! If yes then climbing helmet needed, else just a bump cap...lol Chris
  12. just what i could do with parked on the land behind me, which i bought a few years ago , fenced in then got told it ` protected recreational open space` and had to take fence down.....doesn't say i cant park a tank on it tho!!!...bet the council would want it fenced in then...lol
  13. Thanks for all the answers....i was right in that i thought it was down to restrict the air supply. and yes roof, i did initially think the same as you. Mind you if it just restricts the air supply, why is it such a complicated thing with a tube inside a slide?
  14. I should prob post this under stupid questions but here goes...when is the choke on? Is it when the choke slide is hanging down or when its pulled up into the throttle slide? Chris
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