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  1. Not I, I'm afraid. I had to go out of town at the last moment and the auction slipped my radar. I guess I'll have to ship one from the UK.

    I'm sure we will see the new owner here or over on steelsoldiers.


    Hope to hear from him soon on one of the web sites....It's always exciting and nice to welcome a new Ferret owner...

  2. Thanks for your kind words Joe. Yes, everything is done in my back shed. A basic Mig welder. You will see in one of the photos, that I have a car jack on the ground. That was used to re-expand the crushed flat bin. It doesnt come more basic than that. All sheet metal was bent in a bench vice, a ball pein hammer and a grinder. No need for huge expense, just a bit of inginuity. You just have to have the confidence to give it a go. The worse thing you can do it damage, what is already damaged.



    The photo was taken on my front kerb. I jog through the rainforest in the hills around home every week. We get all sorts of wild life come down from the hills, snakes, goannas, echidnas. Its beautiful country. Although a little hot at the moment.


    My Ferret never left Australia. It is a Mk1/2. Ive got a Mark 2 that I will do next. The Mk1/2 looks similar to the Malay variants, but I think those ones were permanantly welded turet extentions, whereas, this is a bolt on.



    If you havnt seen this video already, it was one the local news did on a project that I did with my Saracen. It shows a little of the country side. The third video shows a nice bit of the country, although very quickly. In this video, Im driving into Cairns City. I welcome you here anytime Joe. I will pick you up from the airport in the Ferret!


    Regards, Tim









    Thank you for the invite...I don't travel anymore but that is so wonderful of you to offer....I have a hard time just driving about 20 miles anymore...It sure would be the trip of a life time to see....

    Looking forward to seeing your great video..

    Those 3 videos were nice...thanks for sharing...

  3. Being that it is in South Dakota my biggest concern would be a cracked or damaged engine due to severe cold....The bins are of a simple flat design it isn't too hard to take a hammer and backing plate to pound them straight....As others stated items are available from all over the world......Keep in mind getting parts for a Historic Military Vehicle takes time and a lot of patience to work on them...It is extremely rewarding as I have a Canadian Army 1954 Ferret MK1 I purchased 2 years ago....Mine is missing radios,inside bins ect but I don't care...Mine will stay basic...

    Also on this forum look in the SEARCH area and type in Ferret and also the part your interested in and someone has probably posted about how to work on it...Good luck to you and if you get it have your camera ready and take plenty of pictures you won't regret it...

  4. Tell you what its about Bob, something to do with fitting a solid bit of my past to my present. I know it seems stupid, but somehow it means a lot. Many years ago, I had a Morris MRA1, used to show it with Tony Hayter and the North West MVT. One day, an old chap came up, looked over the truck, and burst into tears. It had been 'his' when it was a Murex Welder, drove it all over BAOR with REME. He later sent me a picture of him standing next to it.

    Something of that stuck inside me. I just want a 'now' photo of me stood by the front wing of that bl**dy tank!!:red:

    This is what our great hobby is all about......................

  5. CaptMax,

    Welcome to the forum and to Ferret ownership....I am very happy for you to have found the history of yours...Thank you for sharing all the pictures.....

    It is a great hobby and as you have already found other wonderful people around the world that own Ferrets and are willing to help a fellow Ferret owner out..

    Mine is located just south of Chicago...

    I am looking to locate crew members and pictures of mine...It is a 1954 Canadian MK1..Canadian reg 54-82586.Possible UNEF 1216...

  6. I had another short run out today, a 3 mile round trip to see George. He helped me with manual labour lifting the tub on and off for trial fitting, and a few other odds and ends during the restoration. I was wondering if I was going to get it back from him!




    Very nice jeep and display.A great display of history to share with others...

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