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    Vintage trucks,classic cars. Restoring a 1911 Fiat 18B, 1914 Fiat 18BLR,1910 Lacre type O
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  1. Thanks Richard i guess that the brass makers plate would be all that was required to be visible. Here's an interesting article when the trucks were first being constructed in late 1910. Some good information and description of parts for those that are interested. http://archive.commercialmotor.com/article/5th-january-1911/17/the-lacre-co-s-heaviest-modelsparticularly-about-t
  2. I have located a chassis number on the Lacre chassis ,however in a very strange position. At the very back of the chassis on the upper flange. This would be completely covered up with a tray fitted. i am not sure if the same number is stamped elsewhere on the chassis but after much searching its the only one I have found. It is also a higher number than I expected considering the number on the brass plate I recently found online.
  3. Hi John What is the biggest problem that you are facing with the chains? Is it the gearbox/differential or the chaincases themselves? i will probably face the same challenges as you soon enough!!
  4. Very very kind of you John. I would put my hand up for a radiator of any condition at this stage. I have a damaged clutch bell that might be repairable if you cannot find one. I will dig it out and have a look at it. I also have a spare rear axle if you cannot repair yours. I will keep in touch.
  5. Hello John Work on the restoration IS progressing although very slowly due to work commitments. I have some pictures to post at a later date. Congratulations to you on getting wheels for your Fiat. Nicky Armstrong has been very helpful to me also along the way with information and with a handbook translation that I can send you if you like. Lucky that you also have a lead on a radiator as well.Hope you can get it. I am still looking for one on this side of the world. As you know, any parts for these old trucks are incredibly hard to find but are still out there waiting to be found.
  6. Hi John I don't have a clutch bell that I can spare. I will keep my eyes open for you here. It was a nervous time removing my clutch from the truck as it was well and truly stuck to the flywheel. Heat and gentle tapping did the trick and I removed it without damage,with a sigh of relief. Good luck with the rest of the build. It looks great.
  7. Here's a few pictures of the clutch mechanisms I have on my Fiat 18bl This one is original however has a non standard transmission brake fitted. Next one is the one removed from my current 18bl project and is original Finally a non standard arrangement
  8. Hi John Good luck with the project. Happy to help with any info you require. You may know more than me however. Your project sounds to be more advanced than mine and more complete as well. Sounds like you have most of the 'hard to find' parts, so the rest should be quite straightforward. Regards Dale
  9. I am surprised it didn't sell. A very unusual looking truck and as said very complete as well!!
  10. Congratulations Tim on a truly beautifully presented book. I have just received my copy this morning. Postage to Australia was almost as much as the book but well worth the wait and price. The number and quality of pictures is amazing.It is one of the best books I now have in my library. Well done!!!!
  11. Hi Doug I am with you. Bits and pieces still remain undiscovered by restorers in sheds and barns everywhere. Its just a matter of finding that elusive bit that you are looking for...thats the challenge. Regarding the picture of the front axle and wheels. Is there wood spacing between the rim and the steel tyre band? I have found a few wheels for the Fiat where wood 'shims' have been used to make a larger diameter tyre band fit a smaller rim. Dale
  12. Here's an insight into the Fiat production line. It is a scan from a picture in a book and dated at 1911. Lots of very interesting detail as well as an insight as to how the trucks were built a century ago.
  13. I have been very fortunate in my parts search for my 18Bl. I have located and acquired a very good,mostly complete chassis and a good selection of parts as well. In all,bits and pieces from 5 trucks. I am still missing most of the brassware (radiator,waterpump.carburettor, lights and other brass bits and pieces) but have enough to make a good start with a restoration. The chassis that started this thread will be put in storage for another time. The 18BL that I am restoring has the larger diameter spoked wheels and was widely used in WW1 by Allied armies. It is in exceptionally good condition with little wear on the gearbox teeth. Even the brass spring bushes show little wear. In comparison some of the bushes in my parts pile have worn completely through and are well on there way wearing through the steel spring shackles. Although the truck is in good order it has spent at least 20 years out in the weather,possibly a lot longer. Judging by the amount of wear on the 'wear' parts it is a very low mileage truck and possibly spent much of its life under cover. Sadly it has a seized engine and has been through a bushfire at some stage,finishing off the solid rubber tyres. Sorry about the quality of the picture. As you can see by the picture mostly complete. The truck in the background is also mostly complete however with a completely rusted away chassis,springs and wheels. A good source of parts though.
  14. I don't have the location of the picture. Its just a random picture i have found on the internet. Other readers on this forum may have some idea as to location.
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