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  1. Hi, this vehicle belongs to my friend who is restoring it at the moment. Is the plate still available as we would like to reunite it with the vehicle?.
  2. Hi Neil, Many thanks for your comments, for me it is a 650 mile round trip, part of the fun of the "Old" W&P at the Hop Farm. Speculation, rumours, "I've heard from someone" and the like always happens every year, yet delving into parish rights and planning permission applications can bring knowledge.
  3. Hi Neil, It reads two ways, like a politician; A huge 12,000-home development is being put forward for former farmland near Folkestone Racecourse, KentOnline can exclusively reveal. I think we will wait and see.
  4. Hi to all, The racecourse is NOT being built on, despite all the rumours. See link below. http://www.kentonline.co.uk/folkestone/news/12000-home-garden-village-plans-95421/ Norman.
  5. Hi to all, I thought it about time I got started on the site. Own a 1980 Landrover Lightweight, 12v G.S., commonly known as "Sarge", also a 1986 Sankey Widetrack known as "Private". Located in Fulwood, nr. Preston, Lancs. Usually found in July wandering around fields in Kent armed with cameras. Recognize quite a few friends on here. Regards, Norman.
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