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  1. Hi Robin Just had a look and can't see then, do you know lot number Thanks Martin
  2. Hi Andy I have just had a good look at the state of mine and it appears that it's worse than i thought, I have four on there way to me but could possibly do with another six, I'm not fussed if they have some wear and stone chops, the problem i have with mine is they have become delaminated from the wheel. It stood laid up for probably a few years and corrosion has got under the rubber on most of them Many thanks Martin
  3. Hi Andy The wheel you sent off looks good to me, mine have thrown the rubber off completely on 3 of them and one is looking suspect, if you want wheels for re-rubbering I would send these to you and could use your take offs, my 432 is never going to be a show winner but we use it most weekends just for fun. Do you have a price of re-rubbering. Many thanks Martin
  4. Hi I am in need of 4 or more road wheels, 3 of mine have lost the rubber and 1 other is about to, they do not need to be in perfect condition, just usable condition. Many thanks Martin
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