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  1. Thanks for your offer Matthes have sent you a PM. nick
  2. Hi Steve, Thanks for the reply. No, no luck at the moment what with the house move and everything. I have since managed to get hold of a SEM antenna. So I need to know how to connect up the AGAT inline. How does one calibrate the AGAT..in other words how does the AGAT know what frequency the radio set is tuned to? If I remember correctly you told me that the discs inside had to be rotated at first use? I can even get the thing open...!! the SEM 35 baseplate has a unc connector for the antenna feed so I presume this goes to the AGAT which is then connected to the Antenna? I'm in L
  3. I have the set, the mounting plate, 24V power from the vehicle. I know my set works as it will transmit to a sem 52 over a short distance and recieves ok. I have an AGAT (antenna tuner) that i would like to mount inline with a vehicle antenna as opposed to using the antenna on the set which uses its own internal tuner. The tuner is menat to be automatic and apparently runs discs inside. I have no idea how to set it up with the radio. don't want to try pot luck either as you can knacker a set by having badly matched antenna. Any ex BAOR experts in german radio kit out there to give me a
  4. Hello everybody, New to the forum but have been enjoying Swedish military vehicles for the last few years....initially a Sugga but currently my beloved Volvo 1111 soon to become a 'technical'. have recently installed a german SEM 35 radio into the vehicle (it looks the part) and would welcome any advice from anybody that knows about this german system and how to plug in the AGAT (antenna tuner) and get it all working. I'm based in Herefordshire (think Cider and cows) and active in Wye Valley MVT but really got into green machines to be a little different and annoy everybody else by d
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