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  1. Hi, *update* Tryed to get Informations from the seller...... no response... The search goes on...... Cheers Matt
  2. Hi, have seen the first one......thougt it was an older offer. I will check it! Thank you. Cheers Matt
  3. Hi there, I am looking for a LR 109 Ambulance. It must not be a new one! Was to late to "catch" Duncans ;-) Anyone outhere with an Ambulance in stock? You can write me an email also: matthes69@gmx.de Thx in advance Cheers Matt
  4. Hi from germany, plz send me your email via pm! Perhaps I can help you....but it needs some days time! Regards Matthes
  5. Hoi, thank you. I have never seen a picture of that...... Regards Matthes
  6. Hi, update: The reconditioned starter is arrived and it works. Three cables (incl. the"fat" earth-band) fittet on the 8mm srew. Regards Matthes
  7. Hi @all, I have (...a stupid?) question: For what is this holder (pic), what is it carrying? Thx in advance! Greetz Matthes
  8. Hi Jon, very helpful!!!! Thank you! If the new starter is fitted....I will give a further information. Regards Matthes
  9. Hello, I have now nearly the same problem with the connecting of my Bedford MJ starter. Three cables - two small (diameter) and the earth cable are connected with the "fat" screw (picture). Does anyone have a picture or wiring diagram? Thx in advance! Greetings from Germany Matthes
  10. Here we go - my One Ten (right) ......and the MJ on the left side.... Regards Matthes
  11. Hello again, yes....you can see the pics and my HP on: www.harelik.de But I will integrate pictures of my vehicles here as soon as possible! All the best Matthes
  12. ......New kids on the block ;-) My Name is Matthias (Nickname Matthes ----similar Matthew). My vehicles : Land Rover 110FFR, Bedford MJ, Hercules K125. I am 43 years young an I hope to read a lot of interesting things here in the HMVF. If you want you can visit my military vehicles homepage (german language) to c some pictures of my vehicles. In the past I was interested in german MV´s (post war) - now I will concentrate on british MV´s. Greetings @all Matthes
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