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  1. My book "The Ferret Scout Car in Canadian Service" came out in December 2009. It is published by Service Publications in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and is the only book currently in print about the Ferret. It is available from http://www.servicepub.com (who accept credit cards) or through the author (myself). If ordering from me, one may purchase by PayPal to seaforth72@gmail.com or by International Money Order. No extra charge for an autograph or inscription. Canada: 1 book Canada $13.00; 2 books $23.75 USA: 1 book USA $14.50; 2 books USA $27.70 International: 1 book Int
  2. A friend is restoring a Goliath WWII German demolition "tank" and needs some replacement track links as some had rusted away. Is anyone reproducing these track pieces?
  3. There is another one of Hitler's cars on display at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. This one was researched and written up in Wheels & Tracks magazine. It was original captured by US Airborne troops who test fired at the bullet proof glass.
  4. http://bcoy1cpb.pacdat.net/20%25%20Ferret%2054-82598%20at%20Crown%20Surplus%20c2005%20Paul%20Loerke%20photo%20-%20Front.jpg[/img] My Ferret sitting in surplus yard in 2005 before I bought it. Fellow in driver's seat is a friend. I own an ex-Canadian Army Ferret, Canadian Army Registration (CAR) Number 54-82598 (formerly 36 BA 66) hull # 392.B.5.4 (#392 build date May 1954) I am researching all 124 Canadian Army Ferrets that served between 1954 and 1981. I wish to contact owners of ex-Canadian Ferrets and former crew members. I wish to find photos and documents about them in ser
  5. My name is Colin MacGregor Stevens and I live near Vancouver. British Columbia, CANADA. I have been in the military vehicle preservation hobby since 1977 and am member 954 of the Military Vehicle Preservation Association (MVPA). I am also a Charter member of the Western Command Military Vehicle Historical Society in BC and was founding chairman of two other chapters in Canada. My prime interests are: 1. Military jeeps, especially WWII and all mil jeeps used by Canada. 2. Welbike 3. BSA airborne bicycle 4. Ferret Scout Car 5. Canadian produced mil vehicles (CMP, MCP, armour, SMP
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