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  1. Hi Rick On the German stuff Red Oxide primer was always applied at the factory prior to any camo. It was both anti-rust and a primer coat. I am assuming that the grey you mention is on allied vehicles. This is not my area so I will check with Brian and Allan and see what they say Regards Brian
  2. One of the best and easiest to use (and its free) is IRFanView - 22 million downloads so it must be ok get it here http://www.irfanview-stop.com/index.asp?s=go-uk&a=irfanview&kw=irfanview Brian
  3. Hi Larry The reasons for the collection not being open to the public are as follows: 1. Health and Safety - the yard and storage sheds are not laid for viewing. and especially in wet or damp weather, are very difficult and dangerous to navigate. 2. There are only three staff working on restoration all the ancillary activities involved - every time someone visits their work is interrupted as someone has to escort the visitors for the duration of the visit (given the size of the collection this tends to last all day). 3. There are probably thousands of people who because of their job/hobby/vocation would like to visit the collection, but for the reasons listed above it is just not feasible as no work would ever get done. This is why we are working with Kevin to put information out on the website and in forums such as this one. The ultimate aim is to one day house the collection in its own museum for the enjoyment of everyone, but this is a VERY expensive exercise (Bovington are spending somewhere around £16 Million on their new facility and I think half of that is lottery funded). We try to issue updates as and when news or a significant arrival warrants it. As I am sure you understand, restoration takes a long time and there will be times when news is sparse, but rest assured we will keep updates coming on a regular basis (one is going up here today :-) ) I hope this helps regards Brian Balkwill
  4. I will be going to the collection on Wednesday for a project. I will bring back any news of current projects and possible new arrivals. Brian
  5. Hi Tristan The swing arms were cast and then machined. If you go here http://www.hmvf.co.uk/index.php?option=com_smf&Itemid=38&topic=5940.0 you can see one of the many shots taken of the suspension on a current restoration project Brian
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