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  1. Got My trailer. Has Anyone got a nato 12 pin plug.!!
  2. Hi Looking for a Sankey Trailer About £300 if anyone's got one for sale in the north west area. My email is Claire.bagnall@sky.com Thanks mal
  3. Great picture's" Soon has I seen the first picture I new it was Weymouth...
  4. Hiya, Yes Dave looking forward to going to the war and peace show myself. It's going to be a bit of a treck for me from North Wales. A few of my mates from around here go to it every year. They keep telling me to go. So the hols are booked in work. Aparently they have moved the show. Do you know where to? I've got another cracking story to tell you about my pond that has just happened recently:blush: Mallyb
  5. Looking forward to it myself. Never been to the war and peace show before. So it's my first time. Holidays are booked in work already. Are you taking an of your veichels down tim.
  6. If me and my mate come up to do one of them trails. Do you fancy meeting up? Either over xmas or in Jan. Cheers Mally
  7. Hi mate, Yeah is a bit mental to navigate on this site. I'm starting to get use to it now. Have been talking to timbo on here as well. I still haven't given up on a veichel. I'm looking at a 432 at the moment. It's got every thing with it even a spare pack. He's asking 6 1/2 k for it. i know it a big old lump but it's a tank mate and this is what i want. Now i've got you on here i'll probally keep in touch more often. Speak soon Mally
  8. Hi paul, where does the mvt meet and when.thanks mal.
  9. Just been looking at that gisburn forest. It looks quite good. Is there a biking center there cuse me and my mate jamie are thinking of doing it over xmas or mid jan. When we do, we'll give you a shout and you'll have to show us around the trails if possible. You'll like my mate jamie, he's a broker by trade. So you've got something in common. Do you know if bakers got that challenger up and running yet? If they get it out for the day. I would love to come down and see it running around. I do speak to ming on facebook quiet a lot. He does keep me posted now and again. Just picking your brains
  10. Good photograph tham.like the one's of the chieftain & centurion arv mk 2.i think it's the 2.I remember these old girls stomping around salisbury plain.:nut:
  11. Hi tim, How are you? Loving this site seems to be a lot going on here. Hows the restoration going on your vehicles. The sparton look really well at the show. Looking forward to next years. Still doing the old biking. Went to Betwis-y-coed and did the marin twice this month. It's a trail you must do. Off to coed-y-brenin this sun to do the mbr. Good to hear off you. Speak soon. Mally.
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