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  1. I have owned this generator from new when I purchased it 5 years ago for £1,300. It has only 134 hours on the clock and was used to power two Penthouse light sets and my camping refrigerator when attending shows. Despite the low hours I changed the oil and filter annually. The generator is in 'near new' condition and comes complete with all original equipment including MoD User and maintenance manual, air-transportable case, powered dust filtered inlet, hot clean air to heat either vehicle or tent (note: this is not exhaust gases and the generator is not situated within either the tent or the
  2. This a lovingly rebuilt restored trailer with new brakes shoes, slave cylinders and master cylinder. It is a very wide trailer which I towed behind my LR GS 101 and latterly my Bedford MJ. The trailer was fully dismantled and re-sprayed during the rebuild/restoration project. Currently stored in weather proof barn Basingstoke. Priced at £1,000 for swift sale. Call Graham on 07966 194484
  3. Hi Jackie, yes. My number is 07966 194484 Best - Graham
  4. For Sale: Top sheet FV689503 ABRO 2007, side sheet front left-hand FV692488 ABRO 2007, front sheet FV692490 ABRO 2007, side sheet rear left-hand FV692498 ABRO 2007, side sheet rear right-hand FV689499 ABRO 2007 and rear sheet FV689502. All brand new and located in Horsham, West Sussex Area. Call 07966 194484 email gvc136dm@gmail.com for further information.
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