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  1. So having been made redundant a year ago need to scrape together the pennies. How much is a mint condition Mk1 Saracen worth? Since I've been on, we've replaced all the hosing, the batts, the generator is working, the accumulators have been serviced, new seals and gaitors, and the engine has had a service. Infact everything is done expect the internal comms and a respray. It's been ages since I've been on. How is everyone?
  2. Heya all, Is anyone free and can come and charge up the accumulators on an Mk1 Saracen in London? I have a small compressor which'll do the necessary pre compresson for an intensifier. Will bung you £50 for your troubles. Needed asap.
  3. We took Fred for a leak today and after 15 odd minutes to get all the water out. Has it been raining that much??? Anyways, all seems fine now, panic over Another question though, on the video clip, just after we start the engine there is a deep vrooooom noise that sounds like it's a starter motor or something, that doesn't sound right does it?
  4. It's not mist, it's huge amount of oily water. I thought that about the hull water but then thought against it as I thought it'd be unlikely that there'd be that much water on level ground or that the water could get to the coupling. I'll take him for a leak when I have the accumulators charged. Thanks Richard.
  5. It's never left in gear, learnt that from the days before I had working brakes, trying to stop a rolling saracen isn't easy lol
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TyRxjPBe0Xk It's oily water. Went to work on the Saracen today, needed to replace the hydraulic brake lines and fill up with ISO10. We started it and water started spilling out from the seams of the plates, when you revved the engine it'd come out more. We unbolted the small panel in front of the driver seat over the fluid coupling? and water started gushing out. What is it? Have we burst something? On another note, gonna have to charge the ruddy accumulators again. Bane of my life they are.
  7. I have a friend in Manchester who has 50litres of petrol/diesel mix (equal measures) he is trying to get rid of it and asked if it would be any good for the Saracen, but it's not. Is it of any use to any of you multi-fuel boys and girls (are there any girls?)?
  8. While I was at the Saracen today draining all of the fluid, I wondered round to the shops for a Mars bar and noticed a huge building with a hydraulics sign 2 minutes away, so I popped in, they're now making me replicas of all six hoses and fixings and 25litres of ISO10 for £150. Very friendly too
  9. Right, tanks and pipes are completely drained Thanks for your helps guys
  10. I was only a couple of miles away in the Saracen, I did think about joining them but sadly no brakes or steering.
  11. You should be safe in replacing with any type of battery, I replaced the 60amp ones in the Saracen with deep cycle 125ah ones. 25amps might seem like a lot, but it really isn't. Any power you consume during driving is going straight from the generator and backed up by the batteries rather than the other way around if that makes sense? Before I replaced my batteries, I had a pair of wheelchair batteries in there 20ah each! They did the job but bless them they could only manage a few cranks before needing a charge up. Very low CCA.
  12. Thanks Richard, I buy the EMERs as I need them and am waiting for the latest to turn up, having dropped MV an email.
  13. How much is the Morris stuff? How do I flush the SAE30 from the system?
  14. Will this fluid do as a replacement? http://www.lubetechshop.co.uk/product_info.php?cPath=25_40&products_id=81
  15. How do I flush it out? Can someone state all the types of fluid I will need and where for? I guess the first one is Hydraulics = ISO-10 or 12.
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