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  1. Well ,we have a PU8 at the RLC Museum at Deepcut in Surrey. It was to be restored for the 50th Anniversary of Dunkirk but Andy Robertshaw , the then Curator , thought it only needed the brakes fixing ,and allowed us ( Seven Volunteers) seven sessions of of four hours to complete it ? Unfortunately it had , in addition to all four wheel cylinders seized, the brake servo leaking copiously , the exhaust system you could read a newspaper through it, the steering was shot , Two of the six cylinders reading 20 PSI compression,( Exhaust valves !) water pump leaking volumes, the Autovac (Fuel!) Syste
  2. Yes. Tony Oliver's Kegresse is a 15 CWT version. The one we have at Deepcut is the ONLY remaining 30 CWT Lorry ! Mikewest. Here are the most recent pictures ! ( As of last week !)
  3. Further to my report on the 30 cwt Crossley Kegresse we have made some encouraging progress ! In late November 2012 we started and ran the engine - the first time in over 50 years !! This was following the purchase of a Simms Magneto and a temporary fuel feed lash-up !! We are now about to finish fitting the fuel lines, cooling system - ( having removed a large birds nest from inside the radiator ! I kid you not !!) wiring to the dynamo and fitting the exhaust. Better still we have purchased all the timber necessary to fit the bodywork as well as the steelwork for it's attachment. We shall s
  4. Well now the Crossley Kegresse you are talking about is at the Royal Logistic Corps Museum ,in Deepcut , Surrey. You can read about it in my introduction and I have posted a Photo of it in the Forum on Kegresses ! Hopefully we will have it up and running - engine that is - by the end of the winter - say by March 2013. Timber for the bodywork will cost upwards of £1000 , and the Tracks , well , someone was quoted that Bovington said new ones would cost £10,000. ! Having practically destroyed a lot of the good done by it's former owner whilst in their charge for seven years , I sel very littl
  5. Working with the RLC Museum in Deepcut ,Surrey, I have helped to restore a 1939 Morris Commercial 8 CWT Radio Truck - looks just like the 15 CWT General purpose one - a 1942 Scammel "Horse" and trailer, a 1962 Bedford 800 Gallon Tanker and a1992 "Snatch" Landrover. This latter one is "Hors de Combat" having "Blown" it's clutch ! We are waiting to see if some kind Military Unit will "Donate" us a replacement ! We have, at last , started on the 1926 Crossley "Kegresse" . We have freed the engines and clutch and are now mounting the Magneto towards getting the engine "Up and Running". We have to
  6. The vehicle in question is now in possession of the RLC Museum , at Deepcut Surrey. My colleagues and I will start on it's restoration in the Autumn ! It currently has no tracks, bodywork or bonnet and wings ! So it will present quite a challenge ? But , worry not - WE WILL SUCCEED ! I will post a photo of it in current form later ! Mikewest
  7. Some 2 years ago I answered an appeal for the RLC Museum to help restore a "Dunkerque" Lorry. This vehicle was , in fact , a 1939 Morris Commercial 8 cwt truck. Altogether six volunteers were asked to restore this vehicle given four hours each Sunday from March to mid May in time for the 70th Anniversary of Dunkerque. On examination it turned out the Master and Slave cylinders were seized, the Aquavac and ignition systems were "shot",exhaust valves were burnt , water pump leaking, exhaust system u/s , trackrod bent , front mudguards rusted away and the wiper motor was missing ! It also neede
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